3 Actionable Insights from Microsoft Power BI to Transcend Your Analytics

Microsoft Power BI solutions provide one thing that is so unprecedented that you will discard all other analytics tools, i.e., excellent Visualizations.

It is an astounding business analytics tool that enables anyone, from a layman to an expert, to visualize and analyze data.

According to Gartner, Microsoft is projected as the leader in the Analytics and BI platforms.

And Power BI solutions’ varied functionalities infuse it with the potential to take over other analytics tools, including Tableau, Qlik, etc.

Microsoft has always been around the block with its powerful, high-performing, easy-to-use, and omnipresent software and tools.

And with its Microsoft Power BI solutions, its presence has seemed to surpass the B2B sales, marketing, and analytics break-even point.

They are happy that they finally have a solution that can boost their ROI by infusing more inward cash flow.

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Before that let us, break down the robust features of Microsoft Power BI solutions that have boosted its sudden surge in the current volatile market.


1. Custom-pack Service For Each Team

Power BI has an abundant kit of templates, content packs, and integrations that can be leveraged for data services, apps, and services.

You can integrate it with your accounting, business, marketing, development, cloud, etc., tools and create reports, present aesthetically in a dashboard, and share.

This will allow you to compare the visitors, evaluate if your campaigns are working or not, perform the calculation, see the future trends, and many more.

With Microsoft Power BI solutions in your organization, you would not be alarmed with the ubiquitous view of mismanaged and unstructured data.

Those will be beautifully serving their own purpose by giving you real-time insights.

And if you face challenges to discover, visualize or dissect the methods of data collection, fret not, partner up with an expert Microsoft Power BI consulting services provider.


2. Right Data Management Strategy

You would not contradict that the stretch of predictive analytics is limitless nowadays. More, because data is growing, and manageable as Power BI is here at your rescue.

The data management capabilities in the Power BI can be leveraged in Excel (using Power Query add-in) and Office 365.

A few actionable insights from MS Power BI that will help you in your data management strategy are:


  • Your Microsoft Power BI Consulting Partner can help you realize the true benefits of Power BI. And with the recent upgrade of data portal, the visibility, and manageability of Power BI metadata has transcended to a great height
  • You can easily import data from SQL servers both on-premise and in the cloud
  • The Power BI desktop, which is mainly intended for the analyst, has incredibly easy-to-use functionalities and features

Interactive charts comprise basic, stacked, bar, columns, multi, single, combo, doughnut, funnel, gauge, line, and a plethora of map options to customize or change the visuals.

This gives you the freedom to express your data in a way all your employees, vendors, customers, and stakeholders can understand.


3. Custom Visuals For Your Niche Industry

You can ask your developer or Microsoft Power BI consulting partner to create custom visuals for your niche use.

They will leverage the custom visuals SDK to present the data in a way you like.

Your teams, sales, marketing, etc., can import the custom visuals they deem fit to their own set of reports and can even make changes in the Power BI tool.

Custom visuals get VIP treatment, as they are filtered, sorted & highlighted, shared, re-shared.

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