3 Powerful Services Microsoft Power BI offers

Implementation of Microsoft Power BI empowers your firm in a way that no other Business Intelligence tool can.

It can help to streamline complete data from different sources putting them together to make it easily accessible along with making it productive.

This is one single advantage from the pool of perks it offers to every small to big business.

Microsoft Power BI Services also allows you to build appealing reports, dashboards, and visualizations that are not just restricted to pie-charts. This amazing analytical tool helps beyond expectations.

Ability to Present Stories through Data

Charts are preferred mostly when you wish to present any numeric data, but through new custom visual of Power BI, ‘Timeline Storyteller” one can share important information in a way that is easy and understandable.

It allows a lot of things that involve creating linear lists concerning dates and time, can also put them in a circle, in a spiral form or even in appealing custom shapes.

Amongst all Microsoft Power BI services, this will just ask to choose, scale and frame eventually creating a perfect timeline.

Explore All Alternatives

Excel allows easy comparison between numerous scenarios, but with Microsoft Power BI implementation, you will be able to scroll out a special bar and witness every minute variation right there.

Anyone can easily add a calculated measure for various entities like revenue.

By utilizing the brand-new parameter button, changes are allowed to make in your What-if scenarios which allow making changes in data type, minimum, maximum and all the increments.

Receive Answers in Real-Time

Instead of designing a bunch of charts and reports to obtain the visualization, you can simply use natural language features and ask questions.

You can directly ask for something specific, questions like “total sales of the particular region” or Power BI can also choose the layout that suits precisely.

When a question is asked, it will suggest relevant terms that could be added to get the most accurate information that is closest to your search.

In addition to all these features Microsoft Power BI services also offer Custom visualizations, add extra data in dashboards of executives and the ability to visualize every service used.


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