How can the Semiconductor Industry benefit from Staff Augmentation Services?

The semiconductor industry has come a long way since its inception in 1960 with the creation of integrated circuits. With digitalization and the incorporation of more and more technology into all the sectors, semiconductors and integrated circuits became an absolute necessity.

Today the semiconductor industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries with over $466.24 billion annual revenue in the year 2020 according to the research of Statista. Products of the semiconductor industry work either as a backbone or major accessories for most of the industry.

With such a huge scope and space for growth Semiconductor still has a long way to go and with adequate tools and services, it can become a leading industry. Staff Augmentation services in Semiconductor Industry can help them to get a robust workforce and offer the necessary skills to develop with leaps and bounds.

What are the Staff Augmentation Services & their benefits?

Staff augmentation is a process of using an external workforce temporarily to augment/expand the capacity of an organization and help the organization to deliver top-notch service to its customer.

Staff augmentation is used to enlist expert staff on a project and help in the completion of the organization’s task at hand. It is carried out by first evaluating the in-house team and finding out what other necessary IT skillsets and engineering skills are needed. With that done the organization can enlist additional helping hands in the form of augmented staff and work to achieve their objective.

One of the major advantages of staff augmentation services is the ability to cater to the very specific needs of an organization. It works as the last piece of the puzzle and complements the organization with only the necessary skill sets and expertise and without any misallocation of resources.

How can Staff Augmentation Services in Semiconductor Industry be beneficial?

Semiconductor Industry has to deal with a major challenge of talent shortage. Even the major global semiconductor organizations face talent shortages of varied proportions. They require employees who are adaptable to advances in technology, best practices and possess the needed IT skill sets, & engineering skills.

Semiconductor Industry is always on the lookout for a robust workforce with specialized fields of embedded technologies, such as electronics engineering, electrical engineering production engineering, mechanical engineering, and telecom engineering which are the key elements for the industry. The huge gap in the demand and supply of such a skilled workforce keeps the semiconductor industry on the backfoot and hinders the true growth of the industry.

Staff Augmentation Services in Semiconductor Industry can help to overcome the challenge of the talent gap and offer specialized workforces with needed IT skillsets and engineering skills. Few major benefits of Staff Augmentation Services in Semiconductor Industry are:

1. Better Administration & Control 

With Staff Augmentation Services, the Semiconductor industry can help to administer temporary employees with the needed expertise and niche skills to work for a set number of hours and help to resolve unexpected attrition in the completion of the project.

Staff Augmentation also allows better control over the project as compared to complete outsourcing. It enables regular monitoring of task performance and the quality of the work.

2. Cost-Efficient & Convenient

Choosing Staff augmentation instead of employing full-time employees costs less as it saves the money spent on hiring processes, infrastructure to accommodate additional staff, recurring costs for full-time employees & taxes.

Staff Augmentation Services also makes the process of hiring fairly simple as the Semiconductor Industry’s Staffing Solutions Providers take care of it for the organization.

3. Experts Workforce

Semiconductor Industry deals with products that are used in the field with no scope for mistakes and for that they need an expert workforce where each individual possesses specific skills and is an expert in their field. 

Staff Augmentation Provides takes care of this factor and provides experts with rich experience in the specific field required by the project of the semiconductor organization.

4. Flexibility with Scaling

Staff Augmentation Services also offers heavy flexibility over scaling up and down of the semiconductor organization. One can afford to take up projects of all sizes and scales and then adjust their workforce according to the scale and skills needed for the project.

The workload of a semiconductor company is ever-changing as per the needs of the market with staff augmentation a semiconductor company can easily manage the workforce as per demands on a project-by-project basis.

5. New Ideas & Perspectives

The temporary staff added to a semiconductor organization also brings a fresh set of ideas and new ways of dealing with tasks and objectives. The augmented staff are also experts in their fields and have much more intricate and precise knowledge about their niche.

Staff Augmentation also brings a different perspective and helps the semiconductor organization to think outside of the box, it also offers objective feedback and helps to develop a much better product.


Products of the Semiconductor Industry are crucial and utilized in almost every sector from IT to healthcare to the electronic and automobile industry, even defense. The semiconductors and integrated circuits are used in devices and environments where there is no scope for compromise in performance. 

In order to keep up with the heavy threshold for product performance, the Semiconductor Industry has to face severe challenges such as recruiting the right workforce with the right IT skillset and engineering skills, managing various technological atmospheres, controlling the price factor, and offering lower time-to-market. 

With Staff Augmentation Services, the first and probably most important part of managing semiconductor organization i.e. – recruiting the right workforce with the needed IT skillsets and engineering skills, is taken care of, and one can focus on the other challenges and deliver better products.

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