5 Key Considerations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Upgrade & Migration

What are the 5 key considerations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Upgrade & Migration?

The concept of Microsoft MS Dynamics 365 AX upgrade and migrate is worth discussing.

Why? Because it keeps you updated and offer the functionality that every latest version has.

One can make most of their Dynamics AX services investment by embracing the upgrades and accessing its improvised capabilities.

Although understanding this is not enough, one needs to prepare for a seamless upgrade.

Preparation must involve defining the upgrade scenario, completing a checklist, and designing an execution plan.

This prior preparation allows to craft and upgrades as per business needs.

When one gets a clear understanding of a company’s goal, they focus on the areas that require urgent improvement.

This enables to build a robust plan. Besides, one can analyze the required level of customization while adapting the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX solution.

Well, all said and done let’s see 5 key considerations to consider while upgrading and migrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX services are as follows.

Clean Up the Data

Before upgrading, we recommend cleaning up the transnational data from a production database.

Intelligent Data Migration Framework (IDMF) allows you to access Dynamics 365 AX database status and study current usage patterns.

IDMF removes unnecessary junk and minimizes processing time during an upgrade.

This along with a lot of other processes helps you clean your database and have an efficient upgrade.

Back Up the Data

Improve overall upgrade efficiency with the help of a robust strategy to create backups or snapshots before every step.

This works well when you run multiple tests during the testing phase.

Also, while upgrade, we could use this robust strategy to avoid errors like out of disk space, and network failures that could result in unnecessary downtime.

One must also backup every application file that has customization.

First, Upgrade Test Environment

To make sure everything is perfect, and upgrade is effective, we would recommend you upgrade test environment first.

This offers a chance to ensure both source and target systems work appropriately.

Upgrade and Migration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX solution allow you to save and reuse the processed data.

Therefore, by upgrading the test environment first, you can cut processing time on your production source system.

Confirm Available Space For Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Upgrade

A most common problem faced by us while upgrading the Dynamics 365 AX is falling short on space.

Since the new upgrade is bound to bring in new capabilities with it, more space is required on your system.

So, to avoid any inconvenience, confirm the available space on the system as well as on a database transaction log.

This leads to enhanced performance during a data upgrade.

Optimize SQL Server

Optimizing SQL server during upgrade will help you achieve the highest level of performance and output from your AX system.

Completing the upgrade process on a dedicated database will ensure it gets enough resources and remain unaffected with other applications.

Migrating and upgrading from the existing Microsoft AX version is a need of an hour.

By choosing a Dynamics 365 AX Provider like SA Technologies as your partner, you will receive most out of your upgraded solution.

We strive to work on all the minute details and offer a successful upgrade. So, why wait? Contact us to explore.
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