5 RPO Trends that will change the RPO in 2021

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The digital boom in the business world has led to significant progress in the modern workplace. And as we chase to become a better team and organization, the need for hiring the best talent have increased. Fortunately, we live in a time where Recruitment Process Outsourcing trends has turned the way recruitment and hiring worked for years (for good of course).

In today’s time, everything is about trends. Even though they come and go and come again, the one who makes the best out of these trends will for sure ride the success.

So, are you ready to know these RPO staffing trends and understand how these will help you get the best talent? Then we suggest you read this blog till the end!

But before that, let’s shine some light on the statistics that mirror the in and out of the top rpo companies in India.

  • We have seen a growth of 61% in finding qualified hires through recruiting solutions.
  • There was 37% right identification of full-time talent possessing the right skills
  • We witnessed around 80% uptime in the workflow

Now let’s check out the top 5 futuristic trends of RPO services. These will be widely practiced by businesses and HR professionals to hire better candidates in 2021.

1. Refining the employer branding

Talent Market is extremely competitive and what makes everyone unique is their approach towards recruitment process outsourcing services.

Having a compelling employer brand enhances your chances up to 50% of getting more qualified and genuine employees.

In addition, having a strong digital presence can minimize the hiring cost per resource.

A survey performed for RPO staffing proved that employer branding is the top priority of every candidate.

2. Involving Automation in HR

Automation has evolved so much that it has innovated amazing recruiting solutions.

Approximately 74% of the employers have shown their interest in implementing automation in most of the parts of the HR department in the coming decade.

A lot of them are already using Artificial Intelligence for finding and screening the candidates. This will eventually result in lesser human errors, manual workload, and smooth HR processes.

And you can always rely on SA Technologies for a well-structured automated recruiting system.

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3. More use of analytics

Using data-driven tools has helped a lot of recruiters to simplify the complex process of hiring skilled talent.

RPO services are more efficient when the hiring team makes the recruiting decision with the help of analytics and data.

Most of the technology staffing companies prefer analytics since it gives them valuable insights.

This also helps them to recognize the scope of improvement and take quick decisions.

4. Soft Skills are equally important

It is predicted that in the near future, the main competency that will help a resource get a job will be his soft skills.

The list involves communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, and an enthusiastic approach.

Technology staffing companies say – If we give equal importance to soft skills as we give to technical knowledge, we are bound to experience around 20-30% of growth in our business. Great, isn’t it?

5. Candidate experience – A major factor

Most employers believe that a candidate’s experience can actually play a vital role in the success of the organization.

In addition, the impact of negative hiring can affect the company’s products, services, and customer-relationship too.

Talent hiring is also running largely on the referral system. This ensures a good chance of getting the right candidate from a trusted source.

These RPO trends will serve as a wealth to maximum businesses as it will offer them amazing resources in minimal time.

We bet these sources will shape the success of your business tomorrow. If you are looking for a reliable RPO service provider, contact SA Technologies right now.