6 Key Features and Advantages of Microsoft Power BI Consulting Solutions

What are the top features of Power BI Consulting Services?

A few years back, data collection was mostly task-intensive, meaning, it was based more on the outcome, e.g. the sales personnel collected the sales info to invoice their customers, HR and management collated the workforce management data to analyze their organization’s cost expenditure, etc.

However, the latest trend has moved towards finding insights, meaning finding better ways to use the data. And to successfully realize this purpose, Microsoft came with an innovative self-service business intelligence tool – “Power BI Desktop,” in 2015, along with various pricing models.

You can collaborate with an expert Power BI consulting company to know more about its pricing structures.

Power BI, a hands-on tool to ease the development of business analytics, provides an interactive platform for creating reports, charts, graphs, tables, dashboards, etc.

It is so simple that the end users, sans any technical ability, can create reports and dashboards.

To realize its full potential, you need to build a strategic roadmap to evaluate your needs and work on creating a solid framework.

You can take the help from a leading Power BI consulting services provider to implement it successfully.

Before that, go through the below mentioned – 6 key features and advantages of Microsoft Power BI solutions:


Microsoft Power BI Solutions Integrate Seamlessly with other Applications


Microsoft Power BI solutions have the best adaptive features among the hordes of other data visualization tools.

You can integrate the Power BI with your existing applications to experience end-to-end data analytics.

And to realize its full benefit, you can avail Microsoft Power BI consulting services and make 360-degree integration with your existing solutions.


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Facilitates Creation of Customized Dashboard with Power BI

Power BI can collate the images, reports, charts, Excel reports, any many more, to enable you to have interactive, innovative, and intuitive visuals of your organization at your dashboard.

Moreover, all these are easily customizable as per your individual or enterprise needs.

If you want a tailor-made data analytics platform, then hire an expert Microsoft Power BI consulting partner that can see the development of the custom dashboard from scratch.


Control and Security are On Par with International Standards

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence has a rock-solid Row-level security (RWS). This feature will allow you to restrict the tool’s access by ascertaining the roles of the filters.

You can also rescind the access and can control or allow any of your team members to access it. If you use the “content pack” feature of the tool, you can restrict the visuals’ modification and manipulation.

With this, the users can only view, thus saving your organization from any unwanted mishap.

The tool allows you to refresh the data, whenever you want, and you can publish the updated data at the time you deem fit. If you do not have domain expertise in the security, do not worry.

Power BI is so user-friendly that you can raise inquiry or do the analysis without consulting your technical team.

The only thing you need to be thorough and clear about is its successful implementation.

Only an experienced Microsoft Power BI consulting company can do it. So, leverage their know-how and build robust and secure Power BI solutions in your enterprise.


Microsoft Power BI Can be Easily Implemented


The implementation of the Power BI solutions is fairly simpler than other tools. You only need to choose either the cloud or on-premise server. It can be done in three steps – at first, you need to create a workspace, then choose the gateway, and lastly create the content pack. If you do not wish to implement it on your own, you can always leverage the Microsoft Power BI consulting solutions, given that you do not have the necessary expertise or have a fixed budget.


Power BI is Cloud Supportive

Tech, tools, and processes are moving towards the cloud. Also, Microsoft self-proclaimed their “cloud first” approach with the launch of the Dynamics 365 series software.

Moreover, they have integrated their latest cloud offering with the introduction the Power BI solutions.

It can be shared via cloud, accessible anywhere, has platform independent features, rock-solid in terms of security, and does not compromise on the quality of execution or performance.


Power BI Facilitates Open Source Data Visualization

Microsoft’s has stepped into solving the global visualization problem by sharing its visualization codes.

Now, the developers can write or modify the source codes, share/re-share to make the visualization community even better.

Hence, when you decide on implementing the Power BI solutions, your Microsoft Power BI consulting partner can revamp the tool and build it according to your niche requirements.

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