7 Simple Steps to Plan your Microsoft SharePoint Migration in 2021

Microsoft SharePoint migration is a complex task that requires a meticulously planned strategy to carry out the migration.

When you will initiate the migration, you will encounter many hurdles that might overwhelm you.

So, if you want 100% flawless migration, it is better to avail the expertise of Microsoft SharePoint migration services in India.

It does not mean that you cannot execute the SharePoint migration rather you need to understand the migration path, optimize the migration operations and need the knowledge of the tools. So, how to carry out an exact job?

Here are 7 simple steps to plan your Microsoft SharePoint migration in 2021:

Step 1 – Define and Determine Your Source

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When you analyze the source of the migration, you must be absolutely clear on the software and hardware requirements.

At the later stage of the project, you might need some niche expertise of tools that you might not have in your organization.

At that stage, you can consult with an expert provider of Microsoft SharePoint migration services in India.

You can start by understanding your tools, systems, and scope of the migration.

Essentials for Office 365 is one such tool that performs the fast migration and is inherently intuitive and easy to use.

For on-premises SharePoint sites, you can use the SharePoint migration tool for bulk migration.

Another way is to collaborate with Microsoft SharePoint consulting company in India that provides inexpensive, fast, and secure migration.

Step 2 – Determine Content Layout at Source

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If you have to publish the page layouts, you must know that these are related to the content types, which complicates the copying to another location without retrieving the codes.

You need to determine the SharePoint publishing infrastructure and establish the accurate alignment between the content layout and format in the source environment.

Step 3 – Plan Your Microsoft SharePoint Migration

Migration simply consists of 3 simple steps. At first, you have to decide on the source, then, choose the destination, and lastly, migrate.

But, this is an exhaustive process, and more so when you have enormous data at your facility. Thus, it is advisable to break down your migration plan into sequences.

Create batches, identify the resources who will execute the actual migration, build a workflow, and schedule a timeline to complete the task.

Moreover, you need pre and post-migration data cleanup planning as well.

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All the above steps are pre-migration strategies, the actual migration has not happened yet.

If you face challenges until now, it is better to leverage the expertise of Microsoft SharePoint migration services in India.

Step 4 – Pilot Run

Before initiating the actual migration, you should create an exhaustive set of scenarios to test the feasibility of the migration in a non-production environment.

This will immensely help you find the gaps, thus giving the leeway to address those within the stipulated time frame.

Moreover, your migration team will have enough opportunities through the dress rehearsal and can execute the SharePoint migration in a better way.

sharepoint pilot run

If you choose any SharePoint consulting company, ask if they execute the pilot migration or not. If yes, you are good to collaborate with them.

Step 5 – Initiate SharePoint Migration

Now, after determining the scope, team, plan, and performing the pilot run, you can actually go ahead with the migration.

Start by migrating the content to the target environment and reiterate the process for each batch of the content until the full project completes.

One thing you should keep in mind that migrating from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 is easier and not as much of a troublemaker than migrating from SharePoint 2007 to 2013.

However, if you really want to take the leap from the 2007 version to the latest version, avail SharePoint consulting services from a renowned Microsoft partner.

Step 6 – Perform Migration Testing

One thing that most of the companies often skip is the validation of the migration.

It is simply the testing of the migration on a few parameters, which includes verifying whether the target environment meets your business goals or not, and whether the content is consistent or not.

If you can execute the validation, you can identify the gaps & issues and eliminate those at once. You should also perform the testing for each batch.

If you lack the required resources to validate the migration environment, do not worry.

There are a few expert provider Microsoft SharePoint migration services in India that also deliver complete testing and validation services for the SharePoint migration.

Step 7 – Synchronize Content and Validate User Transition

sharepoint user transition

Wait for the migration of the high-touch users and do it at the end. This simple strategy will allow you to leverage the time and realign any gaps that you might have recovered during the testing phase.

You can do this by freezing the source environment and performing the transition to the target.


Now that you understand all the steps, you might think the SharePoint Migration will be a cake-walk, right? Wrong. Although you know what steps to take to perform SharePoint migration, you’ll still lack the expertise that contribute to a flawless SharePoint migration in 2021.

SAT, one of the leading provider of Microsoft SharePoint migration services in India, can help you build the right solution with its expert SharePoint consulting services.

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