A Comprehensive SharePoint Migration Plan & Strategic Steps

Microsoft releases new SharePoint versions to improve the platform’s reliability and security. If you wish to take use of the new collaboration features given by the latest SharePoint migration checklist, you must upgrade your SharePoint migration plan. Microsoft suggests transferring SharePoint depending on the organization’s current version. It advises that migration is necessary if your organization is still using an older version of SharePoint, such as SharePoint 2007. The migration is just not critical for SharePoint 2010, however it is preferable if you do it. It is an optional task in newer versions, and the user decides whether or not to update it.

If you intend to move your Sharepoint migration plan to a later version, you can do so using one of the many migration solutions available on the market. Migration tools will always be an excellent choice for migration because they may perform a straight sharepoint migration plan from initial version to the current version. Otherwise, you could only do an intermediate upgrade, which meant that you couldn’t migrate directly to the latest version. For example, if a business is running SharePoint 2007 and wishes to upgrade to SharePoint 2016, this cannot be done directly. In order to accomplish this, a temporary interim halt is required in SharePoint 2010 and 2013. If you want to know how to do sharepoint migration then contact SA Technologies. AAlso if you are interested to know more about the cloud services we provide then contact us!

A tool-based strategy is the sole way to migrate to SharePoint Online, which can be the Microsoft in-built application or any third-party tool that is available. The SharePoint migration checklist streamlines time-consuming tasks like cooperation, file sharing, decision making, and so on. If a person or business plans to migrate to SharePoint, the following steps must be performed to ensure a seamless conversion process:

Determine your company’s requirements

SharePoint has a vast range of functions, making it a dependable alternative for businesses. Before considering SharePoint, you should examine your business requirements and guarantee that the sharepoint migration plan will meet those objectives. This thought will be useful for making all potential adjustments to project management plans, workflow automation, and project management platforms. This preparation is needed for the efficient usage of SharePoint migration checklist in the business since it outlines the objective of your sharepoint migration plan and demonstrates how the migration can be efficient and effective. To learn how to do sharepoint migration then contact SA Technologies. 

Create a migration team

Individuals cannot properly manage sharePoint migration checklists since it is regarded as a difficult task. You must form a specialized SharePoint migration checklist & team that will be in charge of implementing strategies, documentation, architecture design, and testing.

Examine your data in its current context

In order for a successful sharepoint migration plan in your firm, the existing infrastructure must be examined. It will provide you a clear picture of your organization’s business inventory, and you will know what data should be withdrawn or updated from the environment. Depending on this, you can develop appropriate sharepoint migration plans to revamp the organizations’ traditional activities. Lists and Libraries, Site collection and sites, content categories and site columns, retention policies, branding, pages, and so on must all be considered while planning the sharePoint migration checklists.

Sort out the SharePoint architecture

You will gain a thorough understanding of the business workflow and operations while examining the business structure. At the same time, some portions of the organization may be severely disorganized. It would be better if you cleaned up the environment before restarting the sharepoint migration plan. This procedure is useful for reorganizing content kinds, templates, web elements, modifying permissions, and so on.

Make your destination surroundings ready

You must arrange the endpoint for the sharePoint migration checklist while preparing the move. While doing so, the following considerations should be kept in mind:

Making a data backup to avoid data loss.

Setting up a web application

Performing a test migration

Putting the restoration to the test

Creating a metadata strategy for your material

Improving Server Performance

Migration strategy in stages

The sharepoint migration checklist should be carried out in stages to allow teams to gain a firm understanding of the problems. You could also avoid issues when migrating from the old to the new version this way. While performing phase-wise migration, the following points should always be kept in mind:

Data backup is done to avoid data loss.

Setting up user profiles and permissions.

Make your prior database read-only.

Using the SharePoint Migration tool to speed up the migration process.

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To ensure a seamless migration, proper testing should be performed to remove any defects or address any unanticipated difficulties that may arise throughout the migration process. While conducting the testing, you must carry out the following actions:

Workflows and permissions should be tested.

Examine query performance

Ensure the data migration is a success.

User interface and user experience testing


SharePoint migration checklist is a complex and time-consuming operation; therefore, it is essential that you prepare your migration thoroughly before adopting it for your firm. To learn how to do sharepoint migration contact SA Technologies. We’ve compiled a list of all the important points to consider as you plan your migration. Things must be done correctly because mistakes can jeopardize the organization’s progress. To accomplish this, you must employ a variety of migration technologies to ensure a seamless and quick migration process.

For the migration procedure, you can use an innovative tool called Kernel Migrator for SharePoint. It may be the greatest fit for all of your requirements because it can add numerous SharePoint sites at once. Furthermore, it includes capabilities that distinguish it from other available solutions, such as Automatic Migration, Tenant to Tenant Migration, Google Drive Data Migration, Bulk Migration, and so on. Learn how to do sharepoint migration at SA Technology and make your work flow much easier.