A Walkthrough of Microsoft Power BI

As far as running a successful business is concerned, Microsoft Power BI service and its solutions are the avenues that are trusted by all the business leaders across the globe.

With its introduction in 2015, Power BI has ever since evolved as a number one platform helping a multi-sized business to streamline their processes.

For all those who have worked on Microsoft Power BI consulting services before, this blog will be a thorough reminder of Power BI’s potential.

Those who are new, we bet this post will help you understand what Power BI actually works.

But before that tell us,

Does your organization struggle to perform accurate analysis and reporting?

Do you find it difficult to spot advanced trends, market scenarios, and respond quickly?

Do you face problems in optimizing internal business processes? If your answer to all the above questions was yes, then you are in the right place.

We are going to unleash the information here that is going to help you tackle the challenges your business faces.

So, let’s see the various aspects of Microsoft Power BI solution that makes it so powerful and popular!

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is an analytics service by Microsoft and is cloud-based. It promotes visualization and data analysis by offering better speed, efficiency, and supreme understanding.

Power BI Highlights

  • It is a highly interactive tool making it easy to share data through the organization
  • Allows you to make fast and informed decisions while delivering valuable insights
  • Converts raw data into eye-pleasing visuals in order to understand the business better
  • Business Analysts and IT personnel can use it to craft interactive data visualization and deliver real-time insights.
  • Enterprises can make the best use of Power BI solutions to streamline management, get compliance, spot out anomalies, simplify the workflow.
  • Developers can make the use of Power BI features to automate application lifecycle, embed stunning visuals, etc.

Power BI and three ways to use it,

Power BI Desktop: By using this version, you can connect to data via multiple sources, merge them into the data model to build amazing visuals. You Can Download Power BI Desktop for Free Here

Power BI service: It helps teams and corporations in collaborations. You can share the reports built in the Power BI desktop.

Power BI Mobile apps: Power BI offers mobile apps for operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. Here you can interact and access both reports and dashboards.

To simplify the work of these three ways, we can say that desktop primarily creates the content, service share it and mobile apps are used to get the insights needed anytime anywhere.

Power BI has revolutionized the business world with its rich functionalities and features.

With these comes a lot of perks that can help your business to thrive and make its foundation strong.

Power BI is strengthened by various components present in it.

Every component has a crucial role to play with its own array of benefits. Let’s see what they are, and how do they make a difference!

Power BI Components
  • Power Query – To describe in a simple term, it is a data connection tool that helps you transform, merge and gather data from multiple sources.
  • Power Pivot – It’s a data modeling tool helping you to craft data models
  • Power View – It is a data visualization tool helping you to generate charts, graphs, maps, etc.
  • Power Map – This data visualization tool helps you to build 3D visuals
  • Power Q&A – It is a question and answers engine

These components combinedly make Power BI. To understand the actual functioning of these components one must know about Power BI Architecture.

Well, Power BI architecture  is nothing but Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

It utilizes Azure Active Directory to reserve and manage user identities, take care of stored data, etc.

The strong architecture of Power BI helps its user to share securely and offer various deployment options for MS Power BI Solutions.

A lot of us have already witnessed how Power BI consulting services can prove to be game-changer for your business, but for those who don’t know, let’s find out how?

Power BI with its driven solutions has already set the high standards for modern business intelligence.

Along with its high competencies, it is a robust, scalable, platform flexible, and a cost-effective solution.

These Power BI surpluses enhance your decision making and boost your business growth.

Besides, Power BI solutions offer,

  • Delivers end-to-end data lifecycle essentials

It simplifies the process of Data modeling, data sharing, data visualization.

The presence of integrated ETL tool like query editor streamlines the data shaping processes.

Its high-speed data engine builds complex data and supports a large number of tables.

  • Integrates with multiple tools

Power BI has hundreds of inbuilt connectors of on-premises and on-cloud data sources.

These involve enterprise ERP and CRM solutions, IoT devices, social networks, Flat files, and web services.

  • SaaS offering

Power BI is known for a reliable and flexible SaaS offering. It offers you the liberty to upscale and tone down your investments as per your business needs.

By choosing this platform you can rest assured without worrying about frequent intervals.

  • Reliable built-in-governance and security

Its built-in governance helps you to manage your data assets and its use. This not only simplifies data management but also offers security to your data.

Besides you can securely share insights and information with your team in the organization.

  • Easy collaboration

With Power BI, your entire organization can work together on your data in a single view.

The content packs allow you to share dashboards, reports and data sets offering the viewers a personalized view.

Competencies of Power BI

Capabilities of Power BI solutions bring along a lot of perks for its users, from cost-effectiveness to reliability, it has got it all.

  • Implementing Power BI is extremely simple, you need no technical support and very little assistance.
  • It integrates smoothly with your present business environment
  • You can set up automatic data refresh
  • It allows users to publish their visualizations on social media posts
  • It can easily connect to the software like Spark, Hadoop, etc making data more accessible
  • When working with Power BI you don’t have to worry about the memory and speed constraints

Powerful features of Power BI

This amazing platform gives you the power to get valuable business insights present on-premises and cloud.

These are stored in the form of dynamic and appealing visualization.

Having clear insights will help your organization to make better decisions and offer improved services to your clients.

Its key features involve,

  • Content Packs: In Power BI have dashboard reports, data models and embedded queries. A lot of applications are getting benefitted by content packs, including QuickBooks.
  • Natural Language Q&A: With Natural Language Q&A feature, users can write the questions and receive relevant answers that could be twisted to meet your requirements.
  • Print Dashboard: Your board meetings can get really smooth with this feature of Power BI. Here you can easily print dashboards whenever you want.
  • Custom Visualization: Power BI has an entire library of custom visualization to help you meet your changing business needs.
  • DAX Data Analysis Function: It has more than 200 functions that involve a set of libraries with rich competencies. These functions create outstanding data models.

It is no secret that Power BI has helped hundreds and thousands of businesses across the globe to flourish.

The major reasons are its features and capabilities to make processes simple and straight.

As it is a cloud-based business intelligence tool, it comes with an array of analytic tools that offers insights for you. In addition, it thoroughly processes your data and provides you with powerful business insights.

By putting the information into the charts and re-presentable forms. This way, you save time and efforts to analyze business progress and in turn, you get time to focus on better things.

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Power BI – The answer to future technology

Future belongs to the solution that is reliable, flexible, robust and can fulfill the fluctuating business needs.

With tons of technologies entering the market, it is important to have a body that integrates well and can be easily configured.

And Power BI fits in all the criteria. Therefore, we can rest assured that Power BI is going to be the future of business intelligence.

Being one of the leading Microsoft Power BI service providers in the field, SA Technologies ensure it offers success-driven, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions.

Our team of highly skilled Power BI consultants is knowledge experts who strive to deliver a solution that is nothing short of perfection.