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The automobile industry is no longer limited to the manufacturing and production of technical products. But instead, it is embracing the digital transformation, practicing automation, and intelligent mobility to deliver top-notch customer experience. The growing market demand is forcing the automobile sector to think beyond sales and digitize its core. The prime reasons that drive the automobile industry to induce IT solutions are reduced expenditure, boosted efficiency, and an initiative to save time while offering security.
SA Technologies has over 17+ years of experience in serving renowned organizations dealing in automobile business. We boast the necessary expertise and deeply understand the automobile business processes to provide critical IT and staffing services required by them.

Our Services for Automobile Organizations


Cloud Services for Digital Transformation

Our cloud experts assist the automobile industry to implement a secure, accessible & consistent cloud experience with the best cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

We provide advanced ERP services to streamline the business processes of the organizations in automobile industry with top-notch Oracle NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Our team helps the automobile businesses in driving better collaboration and productivity with the leading CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce.


Business Intelligence (BI) Services

We deliver modern Business intelligence (BI) solutions with popular platforms such as Microsoft Power BI to help automobile businesses in developing effective strategy to reduce risk and resource waste.

Staff Augmentation Services

Our staffing professionals help automobile businesses in finding talent from automotive engineers to auto designing experts with the top-notch permanent staffing, contract-to-hire staffing, and RPO solutions.

Application Development Services

We work from discussing ideas to developing code to offers scalable, affordable, and extensible application development services for automobile industry.

Digitalize Your Automobile Business with Technology-Driven Approach

Adopt smart technological approach to digitally transform your Automobile business.

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