Best Report and Visual Practices for Microsoft Power BI Consultants


What are the best reports and visual practices every Microsoft Power BI Consultants must follow?

Power BI, with its speed and efficient services, has become one of the most powerful business tools of all times.

Power BI services are known for its tremendous benefits, but the great user-experience is delivered by Power BI best practices.


Microsoft Power BI consultants strive to make a positive impact on your business with these practices.

Hiring a Power BI consulting company can help you bring out the best of these practices but let us first stop and see what these services are and what must one expect from it.


Restricted Visuals

Best practices of Microsoft Power BI performance say that the presence of multiple visuals slower down the report performance.

According to an ideal frame of visuals, the count of widget visuals must be around eight or even fewer times per report page.

Along with grids, it must not be more than one for every page. Pages must have 30 points whereas for tiles it must be 10 per dashboard.


Removal of Unnecessary Visual Interaction

Power BI report’s performance can be improved by controlling the interactivity between two visuals present on the similar report page.

Besides interactivity between them is by default.

Limiting these interactions results in reduced backend queries. This results in hiked report performance.


Increase in Row-Level-Security Application

Row Level Security is an application that restricts the row access as per the role of an individual and its capability of firing a query.

RLS in power BI makes sure that the data presented is allowed to show to a particular user. 

Considerable growth could be achieved by collaborating Power BI roles with the roles of the back end.

Testing must be performed on every role before it is handed to the production.


Power BI File Preparation

One thing to take care of while building a file is to use a consistent name that is relevant to the business requirement.

Before you start building a new file ensure using everything from the previous dataset. It is also essential to remove redundant data, remove refresh data operations, and try to achieve equilibrium.


Managing data size also results in increased Power BI performance

To receive a similar look for every report one must use Power BI theme. All this could be smoothly gained with the help of Microsoft Power BI consultants.

Hire a renowned Power BI service provider and enjoy its perks.


Encourage Complex Measure’s Limitation

Performance improvement is decided by the column’s closeness. Therefore, it is important to keep them calculated.

When you decide to build we suggest you go for calculated measures rather than calculated columns.


Single Region for Power BI Reports and Source

Tenant and data sources are two aspects that result in automatic minimization of latency.

This in return increases the speed of data transfer along with the query execution.


Restrict Importing Only Necessary Fields and Tables

When you import an entire dataset, it reduces the Microsoft Power BI performance. Instead what you can do is import essential fields and tables.

This will help you to narrow down the model and keep it uncomplicated.

It is recommended to keep Power BI on slimmer and longer tables.

These were some of the Power BI best practices that can be gained by the implementation of Power BI services.

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