Checklist for selecting the right RPO Services Provider

Choosing a RPO service providers is a huge decision for any company.

RPO Services providers offer an extensive range of services – some take care of sourcing, screening and assessing candidates, while others provide strategic solutions and help you with employer branding, hiring for cultural fit and technology consulting. 

One of the major benefits of working with a Dedicated Recruiting Specialist in comparison to relying on in-house recruitment team is the enormous value they can impart to your each hiring function, leveraging their experience & expertise.

Read on this Blog Post to discover the guidelines for selecting a capable RPO Services provider:

Recruiting Experience

Evaluate the Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider on basis of their experience gained with different clients, and also consider the experience of the recruiters who will actually be doing the hiring.

You need to check if the RPO Services Provider has relevant experience in the industry or the domain where you need help.

Job marketing and advertising

Closely understand how the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider manages advertising and marketing of the jobs for their clients.

Do they effectively use social media marketing? Are they proficient in utilizing search engine optimization to reach out to the candidates on search engines? Will they rely on their own marketing resources or do they anticipate to use yours?

Process and technology

You must check about the processes and technology that they bring.

Do they have knowledge & expertise in your technology? Do they have fluency and experience in the most effective ATS systems?

Reporting and metrics

What will be their approach to reporting and metrics? You need to understand what kind of reporting they offer and how often they report, so that you can effectively measure the success of their performance.

Candidate care

Candidate experience delivered to the applicant during the recruiting process is essential to your employer branding.

If candidates are treated well, you will be securing the candidate for your current as well as future requirements and building a good brand image for your company in the long-run.

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Questions to ask RPO Service Providers:

1. What size company do you have experience in working with?

2. What specific services do you offer?

3. Do you have relevant experience in our industry or a similar industry?

4. Which technology platform do you use?

5. What’s your experience with compliance requirements in our industry?

6. Do you work onsite or offsite?

7. Do you compose job descriptions?

8. How will you understand about our company?

9. What is your standard process to identify the talent who will be the right-fit?

10. How will you work with our internal team?

11. How do you maintain effective communication between candidates and hiring managers?

Ultimately, your main objective should be understanding your talent acquisition needs and accordingly choose what functions you want to outsource, assessing the capabilities and experience of the RPO Services Provider.

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