Customer Success Story

Deploying Lume Health Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud Platform

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SA Technologies provided technical consultation and implementation services for Lume Health, helping them deploy their Kubernetes clusters on GCP. SA Technologies will continue to work with the customer and engage in post-deployment technical support and account management activities to ensure they have the best possible experience on the platform.

The Result
The result of our work has been an incredibly hands-off infrastructure solution that allows Lume developers to focus on application development while ensuring that the infrastructure is stable and scalable. In addition, our usage of helm templating combined with the GCP cluster allows the team to easily manage the infrastructure through code. This also makes adding new services a breeze.

Key Challenges

The challenge at Lume Health was setting up minimal but scalable kubernetes infrastructure for a fast paced startup.

The team had experience building and deploying containerized applications but needed a partner to help set up and deploy a cluster on GCP. They needed networking and a cluster with a relatively hands-off experience for their development teams. 

Solution Highlights

We created a GKE cluster and managed deployments via code through helm. We utilized cloud build to push images and created a simple CI:CD mechanism. The images are hosted on the Google cloud container registry.

The development team is to create a new helm chart for each service and our provided python script utilizes the helm template engine to generate charts and apply them to the cluster.

This script and all charts are saved in an individual repository to ensure the team can easily bring up a cluster from scratch if needed. We utilized the default GCP ingress with a GCP WAF to secure traffic into the cluster.

As a small start-up with a limited budget and bandwidth, we were able to receive a robust, scalable but simple solution to dev-ops using Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform through SA Technologies