Customer Success Story

Empowering Global Manufacturing Success: Celestica Transformation with Google Workspace Solutions. 

Celestica’s Digital Leap: Enhancing Global Productivity with Google Workspace 


Celestica, a global leader in design, manufacturing, hardware platform, and supply chain solutions, embarked on a transformative journey with Google Workspace to improve global productivity and collaboration. Faced with the challenges of limited technology resources and the need for a better user experience, Celestica partnered with Google Workspace, resulting in significant savings of over 17,000 hours a year in employee productivity. 

The Challenge 

Before the adoption of Google Workspace, Celestica’s technological infrastructure struggled to meet the demands of its global workforce. The company was hampered by outdated laptops, limited mailbox quotas with IBM Lotus Notes, and a lack of mobility that forced employees to rely on VPNs for email, calendar, and contact access. This not only wasted valuable time but also hindered effective collaboration among employees spread across 12 countries. 

Google Workspace Implementation 

Migration Success 

Celestica, with the expertise of Onix, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, successfully migrated 16,000 users to Google Workspace within five months. This migration provided a seamless user experience for over 17,000 employees, fostering better mobility and enabling a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy with universal access on any device. 

Cost Reduction 

The shift to Google Workspace significantly reduced the cost of voice and video collaboration by 90%, marking a substantial decrease in operational expenses for Celestica. 

Key Benefits 

  • Improved User Experience: The migration to Google Workspace offered a more integrated toolset for employees, enhancing collaboration and productivity. 
  • Enhanced Mobility and BYOD: Employees now enjoy anytime, anywhere access on any device, promoting flexibility and efficiency. 
  • Cost Savings: The transition to Google Workspace led to a 90% reduction in the costs associated with voice and video collaboration. 

Strategic Initiatives 

Training and Engagement 

Celestica prioritized change management, engaging its IT department and early adopters across all business functions in training sessions. This approach, complemented by contests and “Google Ninjas” certification, cultivated an enthusiastic adoption of Google Workspace. 

Instant Access and Collaboration 

The migration streamlined access to data and collaboration tools, replacing outdated systems with Google Drive, Google Sites, and Google Groups. Google Meet and Chromebox for Meetings revolutionized video collaboration, enabling widespread and cost-effective communication. 

Security and Compliance 

Google Workspace’s built-in security features addressed Celestica’s global compliance requirements, enhancing data security without the need for additional installations. 

Impact and Future Outlook 

Celestica’s adoption of Google Workspace has not only streamlined operations but also fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration. The successful migration and enthusiastic adoption of Google Workspace tools among employees exemplify Celestica’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced productivity and collaboration. With Google Workspace, Celestica is poised to achieve its objectives more efficiently and effectively, setting a new standard for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.