Customer Success Story

Revolutionizing Industries: The Global Reach of a Leading Machinery Manufacturer

Background Information

A Global Manufacturing Company also a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery and equipment, serving clients worldwide. Despite their strong reputation, they were struggling to meet sales targets and improve customer satisfaction due to inefficient sales processes.

Business Challenges:

A Global Manufacturing Company’s sales team was facing difficulty in tracking and managing leads and opportunities, resulting in delays in the sales cycle. There was a lack of communication between the sales team and other departments, leading to missed opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. The company’s existing CRM system was outdated and did not support its complex sales processes, resulting in a lack of data accuracy and visibility. Global Manufacturing Company needed a modern solution that could streamline its sales processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Solution Description & Implementation Process:

The company partnered with SA Technologies to implement a comprehensive solution that would address its sales process challenges. The implementation included:

Sales Cloud Implementation: Salesforce Sales Cloud was implemented to streamline lead and opportunity management processes. This allowed sales reps to track leads, opportunities, and activities in one central location, enabling them to manage their pipeline more effectively. It also provided real-time insights into the sales pipeline for better decision-making.

Integration with ERP System: Salesforce was integrated with Global Manufacturing Company’s ERP system, allowing sales reps to access real-time inventory data and pricing information, enabling them to provide accurate quotes to customers.

Customization: Salesforce was customized to support Global Manufacturing Company’s complex sales processes. The solution included custom fields, workflows, and validation rules to ensure data accuracy and standardization.

Mobile App: A custom mobile app was developed for the sales team, enabling them to access customer data and update opportunities on the go.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud allowed Global Manufacturing Company to streamline its sales processes and improve customer satisfaction. Sales reps had real-time visibility into the sales pipeline, enabling them to manage leads and opportunities more effectively. The integration with the ERP system provided accurate inventory and pricing information, resulting in quicker and more accurate quoting. The customization of Salesforce supported the company’s complex sales processes, ensuring data accuracy and standardization. The mobile app provided sales reps with flexibility and improved productivity, allowing them to work on the go.


Global Manufacturing Company’s partnership with SA Technologies has helped them streamline their sales processes and improve customer satisfaction. With real-time visibility into the sales pipeline, accurate inventory and pricing information, and a custom mobile app, their sales reps are more productive and effective. Global Manufacturing Company can now better serve their clients, resulting in increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.