Customer Success Story

Empowering Tomorrow Innovators: Transforming Classrooms with Google Solutions at Carlynton High School. 

Empowering Educational Excellence: The Carlynton School’s Digital Transformation with Google 


Carlynton Junior-Senior High School faced a significant challenge: technology for teachers and students was scarce, with limited access to modern learning tools. Recognizing the transformative potential of technology in education, the school embarked on a journey to integrate digital tools into their curriculum. This case study explores Carlynton’s partnership with Google’s Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) and the deployment of Chromebooks, highlighting the transformative outcomes on teaching practices and student engagement. 


The initial obstacle was evident – a shortage of technology resources at Carlynton made it difficult for students to access essential learning tools. The existing few carts of old laptops were not enough to meet the educational demands of a modern classroom. 


In the 2017-2018 school year, Carlynton took a decisive step towards digital empowerment by participating in the Dynamic Learning Project. The program not only provided Chromebooks but also offered crucial hands-on support and training for teachers to leverage technology in transformative ways. Principal Michael Loughren and instructional technology coach Ryan Gevaudan spearheaded this initiative, focusing on changing both mindsets and skill sets among teachers. 

Training and Support 

The DLP training was instrumental in preparing Loughren and Gevaudan to coach teachers effectively. The training emphasized the importance of celebrating teacher successes, showcasing technological integration into classrooms, and fostering a culture of innovation and support. Techniques such as Google Cast and Google Docs were introduced, offering new ways for teachers to present information and interact with students. 

Impact of Coaching 

Post-training, the arrival of the first batch of 180 Chromebooks marked a significant turning point. Teachers, now coached and confident, began integrating these devices into their lessons, significantly enhancing the learning experience. The use of Google Workspace, particularly Google Classroom, saw a dramatic increase, with about 80% of teachers adopting the platform for lesson management and assignment distribution. 

Enhanced Student Engagement 

The impact of this digital transformation on student engagement was profound. Students began working collaboratively, utilizing digital tools to create and publish their work, and even leading lessons. Projects that integrated videos and images alongside traditional writing allowed students to explore and present topics in depth, fostering a richer learning environment. 

Security and Safety 

With approximately 300 Chromebooks for 700 students, Carlynton leveraged the built-in security features of ChromeOS to provide a safe and accessible digital environment. The automatic updates and built-in protections of the Chrome operating system alleviated concerns over malware, while the Be Internet Awesome program, integrated into the curriculum, educated students on online safety and digital citizenship. 


Carlynton Junior-Senior High School’s journey with Google’s Dynamic Learning Project and the integration of Chromebooks has been transformative. By empowering teachers with the tools and training to integrate technology into their classrooms, the school has seen a marked improvement in student engagement and achievement. This case study exemplifies how strategic investment in technology and professional development can revolutionize educational practices, setting a path for continued success in student achievement.