Customer Success Story

Digital Transformation Restructures Data Management For A Swiss-Swedish Multinational Automation Corporation

About Client:

Our client is renowned and established IT services and solutions provider based offshore in one of the most developing countries. This reputed firm’s vision is to rank number one and become a leader in Managed IT services and solutions provider. Despite achieving great success, our clients wanted to grow with technology and make their systems smooth, transparent, and efficient.

We gathered the information carefully and offered the solutions that contributed to their business value.

Comprehensive    Business    Intelligence and analytics solution designed to meet the business needs of an IT infrastructure Firm.

Business Needs:

Business Challenges:

  • Inability to merge and integrate the data flowing from 14 different sources
  • Inability to transform the available data into valuable reports & dashboards
  • Lack of sources to alert when KPI’s cross the required threshold values
  • Absence of well-formatted data that could help in analytical reporting
  • Inability to get a real-time view of data

SA Technologies’ Solution

SA Technologies took all the requirements of the clients into considerations.

By assuming the various scenarios and its outcomes we choose to build a solution that will offer a 100% result. As required, we developed a highly-flexible data warehouse that assimilates the data from various sources. This was made possible with the ETL approach using SQL Server Integration Services.

In addition, we also created reports and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI tools & shared/ collaborated those with the end-users using Power BI Cloud services. The solution was designed to meet all the business needs.

Our Solution was able to:

  • Host Performance: It could build reports that aggregate all the historical data and shows performance statistics for a particular host
  • Backs up job summary: Summary of all jobs that were processed on a backup server or client in a table
  • Backs up the data backup: Total amount of data that is backed up daily / weekly / monthly
  • Backup Top 10 Largest Running Clients: Returns the backup top ten longest-running clients in a table report

Solution Details:

SA Tech created a system for e-collaborative product life cycle management that allows clients of the Customer to track the whole life cycle of the control product quality and manage the relationship with all the stakeholders

Value Delivered: