Customer Success Story

IT Product CompanyStreamlining Sales: How a Cloud-Based IT Company Overcame Process ChallengesIT Product Company

Background Information

An IT Product company that provides cloud-based solutions to businesses was facing challenges in managing their sales process. The company was using Salesforce Sales Cloud but had not customized it to fit their unique business needs. As a result, the sales team was spending a lot of time on manual data entry, which was impacting their productivity. Additionally, the company was finding it difficult to get insights into their sales pipeline and forecast accurately.

Business Challenges:

The Salesforce Sales Cloud solution used by the client was not aligned with their business requirements. The sales process was particularly affected by issues with automated updates to the Opportunity field, which failed to function correctly at specific stages. In addition, the limited scope of the reports available hindered decision-making and sales planning. There were also security concerns, as sales representatives were able to access data sets meant only for sales managers and C-suite members. This occurred due to the absence of object-level and field-level security, which was in violation of the customer’s internal policies.

Solution Description & Implementation Process:

To address these challenges, the company decided to customize their Salesforce Sales Cloud instance. They engaged with SA Technologies to help them with the customization process. SA Technologies started by conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s sales process and requirements. They then recommended several customizations that would help the company streamline their sales process and improve their sales performance.

Here are the customizations that were implemented:

Customized lead capture: SA Technologies customized the lead capture process to ensure that all the relevant information was captured accurately. They also automated lead assignment to ensure that leads were routed to the right sales rep based on their territory and expertise.

Customized sales stages: SA Technologies customized the sales stages to align with the company’s unique sales process. This helped the sales team to easily track the progress of deals and ensure that they were following the right steps to close deals.

Customized reporting: SA Technologies customized the reporting to provide the company with the insights they needed to manage their sales pipeline effectively. They created dashboards and reports that provided real-time visibility into the sales pipeline, sales performance, and sales forecast.

Customized email templates: SA Technologies customized email templates to ensure that the sales team could send personalized and professional-looking emails to prospects and customers. They also added tracking capabilities to ensure that the sales team could track email opens and clicks.

Results and Benefits:

The customizations made a significant impact on the company’s sales process. The sales team was able to save time on manual data entry, which allowed them to focus on selling. The customized sales stages helped the sales team to follow the right steps to close deals, resulting in a higher win rate. The customized reporting provided the company with real-time insights into its sales pipeline, allowing them to make informed decisions. Additionally, the customized email templates helped the sales team to send personalized and professional-looking emails to prospects and customers, resulting in higher engagement rates.


Overall, the customizations done by SA Technologies helped the company to streamline their sales process and improve their sales performance. The company was able to close more deals, forecast more accurately, and improve customer engagement.