Customer Success Story

Lume Health

Lume provides tools focused on bringing transparency into nursing job opportunities and personal finance products to help nurses (“Nurses”) make the most of their hard-earned money.

Lume team needed to find a way to ensure, that the apps offered the same functionality to all nurses and students, regardless of mobile OS. Lume without significantly increasing costs, or slowing feature development velocity. Next to the complexity of bringing iOS and Android together, must manage even more complexity on the product side. Because of different regulations and local requirement.

In addressing the problem, the team had two goals. From a business perspective, they wanted to be able to regularly release their feature updates as per business objectives. And to do that, they wanted to create a platform that was developer-friendly, developer-scalable, and performant, providing safe experimentation and continuous deployment.

Why Flutter?

As it was out of question to double up the team size for Android and iOS, thereby doubling costs and effort, a cross platform solution was evaluated. A small task force evaluated Flutter and other cross-platform solutions. Initially, the team was concerned that Flutter was not yet mature enough, so they designed several proofs-of-concept and at the end all the other platforms fell apart when Flutter was at the top of the line to deliver high performant, scalable mobile and web-based apps.


In less than 4 months a fully integrated mobile app that runs on iOS and Android from a single codebase has been completed. The app is built on three pillars: user friendliness, safety and reliability. It provides a consistently designed set of functions spanning different range of devices and sizes providing the user a seamless experience.