Customer Success Story

Migrating Mindpool’s web application on Google Cloud Platform

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SA Technologies Company provided technical consultation and implementation services for Mindpool technologies, helping them deploy their website on GCP. SA Technologies will continue to work with the customer and engage in post-deployment technical support and account management activities to ensure they have the best possible experience on the platform.

The Result

Now, Mindpool Technologies website is hosted on GCP and is able to serve their incoming clients with no downtimes.

Key Challenges

Mindpool Technologies is one of the leading IT Consulting and Workforce Services Provider delivering technology experts & capabilities to its clients from diverse industries across the world. 

Their website is hosted on GoDaddy, providing various services for their end customers, however, they were facing issues around increasing downtime, higher page load time, and scalability and wanted a more reliable, secure, and scalable option to host their systems.

Solution Highlights

It was a simple migration of their data to GCP with an option to autoscale when and if the website experiences a higher load. The option to customize Virtual Machines in GCP enabled us to come up with the exact configuration suitable for our client requirements saving on costs.

The website can seamlessly cater to increased incoming requests by spinning up other Virtual machines in the backend and scale down to its base configuration once the load has decreased. Also, GCP, in general, being a more cost-effective solution compared to its counterparts was helpful in winning the customer.

 GCP has been able to provide us with a reliable and secure platform to host our website at scale affordably. SA Technologies team has helped me every step of the way in my journey to adopt GCP and I am looking forward to growing my business with GCP supporting my client-facing website.