Customer Success Story

Provided Specialized and Experienced Resources for Sanmina Corporation, a leading Semiconductor Company

About Client:

Sanmina Corporation is an electronics manufacturing services provider or EMS provider, it serves OEM in the communications and computer hardware domain.

The company was founded in 1980 by Jure Sola, with its headquarters in San Jose, California, USA. As per the data of 2020, the company has over 40, 000 employees and produced about $7 billion in revenue for the same year.

It is a leading organization in the semiconductor industry with nearly 80 manufacturing sites making it one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of printed circuit boards and backplanes.

Client’s Goal:

Sanmina Corporation is a leading global electronics manufacturing services provider. Sanmina needs expert individuals with the necessary skills to help the company to handle the humongous work process and stay ahead of its competitors in the EMS (Semiconductor) industry.

Sanmina was searching for experienced, analytical, and proactive software developers to join the Sanamina team at the office in Chennai, India. They needed qualified candidates to fill in for software development and software designing to produce and implement mission-critical software for the core application of the company.

It was becoming a tough job to find qualified candidates as a semiconductor company like Sanmina Corporation not only requires candidates with specialized skill sets but also expertise in the said skill sets and past experience in the industry. These criteria made headhunting a tough job for Sanmina.

Proposed Solution:

We went through careful analysis and meticulous discussion within our team, then led another discussion with Sanmina and proposed usages of an advanced headhunting approach. 

It was evident that getting these niche and critical resources will need strong past experience in semiconductor hiring and a broad network of candidates for semiconductor recruitment. 

SA Technologies has been a headhunter for similar roles in the past and leverages its expertise along with established trust to shortlist candidates according to the company’s requirements.

With experience and expertise, reach and trust as a semiconductor staffing solution provider, we started spreading our nodes to get more applicants for the roles at Sanmina. With most of the world over the internet, we deployed various digital solutions to reach active as well as passive industry experts and software wizards who will be qualified candidates for the various positions.

We understood the demands as well as the urgency of Sanmina as they were looking to fill in for mid and senior-level job roles. They required candidates on par with product-based companies like- HP, Bosch, Dell. We utilized our expertise and worked to launch the campaign for hiring and started delivering results within the first two weeks. With meticulous planning and execution, we were able to provide them with an industry-standard experts to take care of their needs for technical resources.

Results after Implementation:

  1. A right-fit pool of candidates for the job.
  2. Enhanced Hiring Process with minimum onboarding time
  3. Reached Industry Experts in short interval
  4. Closed the Opening within TAT of 30 days

Technologies Used:

SA Technologies used various ingenious staffing solutions strategies of using the internet and modern technologies to reach maximum numbers of candidates and provided the Sanmina Corporation with a qualified candidate to fulfill the job position.

  1. Job posting of the famous job portal was used to reach the native industry experts.
  2. Email Campaigns were employed to reach qualified candidates with a much more personalized medium.