Customer Success Story

Stimulated growth of Applied Materials with Expert Resources


About Client:

Applied Materials is an American corporation, serving the semiconductor industry. It supplies equipment, services, and software to semiconductor manufacturing companies dealing with the manufacturing of integrated circuits and chips for electronics, computers, smartphones, televisions, e.t.c. 

The company Applied Materials was founded on 10th November 1967 by Michael A. McNeilly. In 1972, the company became public and in subsequent years acquired dozens of companies from various parts of the world to become a leading semiconductor organization.

Applied Materials is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley, with a technology center in Japan. The company has its presence throughout the globe and is the first semiconductor equipment company to operate a service center in China. As per the latest data, the company has over 25, 000 employees and produces over $20 billion annual revenue.

Client’s Goal:

Applied Materials being a multinational organization in the semiconductor industry, always needs expert individuals and experienced workforces to take care of the day-to-day work of the organization.

The company was looking forward to getting more skilled human resources for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Materials Engineering, Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Equipment, and more which were some of the major workforce requirements of the organization.

Applied Materials is a highly goal-oriented organization that is set to become a leading semiconductor organization and expand throughout the world. For this growth and development, the company needed highly skilled human resources from the semiconductor industry to help the company to grow with leaps and bounds.

Applied Materials required expert resources in various technologies with semiconductor industry experience such as:

  • Net
  • VDI
  • UI/UX
  • SAP
  • Python 
  • Data Science
  • Design Support,
  • Network Technologies, etc.

As a global corporation of the semiconductor industry, Applied Materials needs supreme resources with both expertise and experience to deal with the exceptional level of accuracy &  efficiency demanded by the industry. These firm criteria made the talent search and executive recruitment a tough nut to crack for Applied Materials.

Proposed Solution:

To overcome the hurdle faced by Applied Materials in semiconductor hiring/recruitment they consulted SA Technologies, who have been offering the finest innovative staffing solutions and services to semiconductor organizations for almost two decades. 

The intricacy of the task to provide best-in-class resources to the company made it evident for SA Technologies to utilize their vast experience, expertise in semiconductor recruitment, trust among industry professionals as recruiters, and broad networks with active as well as dormant industry experts. 

With the expert and expertise, SA Technologies devised strategies for efficient recruitment and hiring process and delivered the desired result to Applied Materials within 2-4 weeks. These strategies were crafted as per the advanced headhunting approach to reach maximum qualified candidates in minimum time.

  • Candidate Search within the Network
  • Digital solutions to enhance the Reach
  • Online campaigns to pinpoint the Reach
  • Connections to find and reach Industry Experts
  • Digitize Hiring Process for Quick Onboarding of Resources

Results after Implementation:

  1. Expert Resource-Pool 
  2. TAT of less than 30 days
  3. Augmented Hiring Process 
  4. Connected Industry Experts