Customer Success Story

Transforming Connectivity and Collaboration: A Broadcom Success Story with Google Workspace 

Accelerating Efficiency and Fostering Innovation: A Deep Dive into How Broadcom Transformed with Google Workspace  

Broadcom, a leader in wired and wireless networks, enterprise storage, and industrial automation, embarked on a transformative journey with Google Workspace to accelerate product development, drive revenue growth, and optimize operational costs. 


As Broadcom experienced rapid growth through organic expansion and strategic acquisitions, it faced challenges in fostering seamless collaboration across its diverse operations. With the need to streamline communication, enhance productivity, and ensure scalability, Broadcom sought a comprehensive solution to transform its connectivity infrastructure. 


Broadcom turned to Google Workspace, leveraging tools like Gmail, Drive, Meet, and Jamboard to revolutionize its approach to collaboration and innovation. The transition from traditional on-premises email systems to Gmail marked a significant milestone, empowering employees with unlimited storage, seamless accessibility, and streamlined email management. 


  • Efficient Email Management: Despite a 6x increase in email volume, Broadcom efficiently managed its email ecosystem with minimal oversight, enhancing productivity and communication across the organization. 
  • Accelerated Product Development: Gmail’s real-time collaboration capabilities shortened product development cycles, enabling teams to drive projects forward from anywhere, anytime, resulting in a 1,000% revenue growth. 
  • Cost Optimization: Google Workspace provided cost-efficient solutions, supporting increased margins and ensuring scalability to accommodate Broadcom’s expanding operations. 
  • Smooth Integration: Google Workspace facilitated the rapid integration of acquisitions, providing easily managed tools that streamlined operations and promoted collaboration across the organization. 


By embracing Google Workspace, Broadcom achieved breakthroughs in connectivity, innovation, and efficiency. The seamless integration of Gmail, Drive, and other Google Workspace tools empowered employees to collaborate effectively, driving revenue growth and propelling the company into a new era of success.