Data Warehouse Modernization with Google Cloud.

Scale your business by migrating to serverless, secure, and highly scalable Google Cloud modern data warehouse to boost your time to insights

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Why Migrate Data warehouse to Big Query on Google Cloud


Accelerate valuable time with Serverless analytics

With BigQuery’s serverless infrastructure you can remove the capacity planning cycles and start projects in seconds.


Modernize within your IT budget

BigQuery’s built-in Machine learning functionality helps you to run your analytics Cost-effectively. It lowers your TCO by 52% by modernizing with Google Cloud


Secure your Data

Secure your data and modernize It with BigQuery’s data security, replication, and governance. Safely Migrate without affecting performance.

Advantage of Big Query over other traditional data warehouses


Other Application

  • Real-time insights
  • Protect business data
  • Simplify data operations
  • Automate data delivery
  • Build the foundation for Artificial Intelligence

Data Warehouse

  • Need continuous update
  • Needs DBAs for Operational tasks
  • Restricted to a few users
  • Complicated ETL
  • Optimized for data batches

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