Check Major differences – Microsoft Power BI Dashboards v/s Reports

How would you like to have a page layout that highlights every important business detail?

Or a report that represents a piece of information through stunning visuals? Wouldn’t it be nice for a business and involved decision-makers? It surely would. A company can make well-informed decisions when crucial reports are handy. It could save a lot of trouble, confusion, and money that one can use for a better purpose. Microsoft Power BI Dashboards and Reports boosts the decision-making capability of a business.

Although both seem similar there are a lot of differences in them. Each has a set of responsibilities to perform. Let us see what roles these two have.

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

We could say that dashboard is a synonym to storytelling. They display the important data of a business in a story format to make it understandable. Summary of highlighted points is printed on a page layout.

Information displayed on the dashboard is the collective data from various reports. Power BI Dashboards are known to display valuable data in real time.

It is a single place that holds all the decision-making business facts. Collection of various dataset reports make a dashboard. Thus, one can understand all the crucial aspects of the business through this single page display.

Microsoft Power BI Reports

power bi reports

Power BI Reports are nothing but a detailed version of dashboards. Where dashboards are single paged information, reports are the business cases that describes the operational flow, activities, and whereabouts of a company in a magnified manner.

The length of every report varies and could extend to numerous pages. Reports are prone to be sent in any format and could be downloaded on a desktop.

Power BI Reports could easily be published on the web and one can subscribe them through mail if need be. These reports have a feature that can break down large information in the smallest forms.

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Check the Major Differences between Microsoft Power BI Dashboards and Reports

Power BI Reports and Power BI Dashboards are online services of Power BI that happens to be quite similar.

When asked, a lot of people ambiguously answer that these two are same. But it is high time we burst this bubble and present the fundamental differences between these two before our audience.

Therefore, to make this point clear we are listing out some of the most important differences between them. Keep reading!


  • Desktops cannot support the dashboard download. So, dashboards are not available for desktops.
  • Unlike dashboards, reports can be created and viewed in a desktop.


  • The dashboard is made up of combined reports, facts and datasets.
  • Reports are made up of multiple datasets


  • Dashboards use various sources like maps, graphs, etc.
  • Reports use single dataset as a source


  • To attach visualizations, dashboard navigates from current to other
  • Reports can navigate to any reports and dashboards

E-mail subscription

  • Dashboards cannot be subscribed through e-mail
  • Reports can be subscribed through e-mail

Alert Feature

  • Dashboards have an alert feature that raises an alert when a situation demands it
  • Reports have no such feature

Possibility of alteration

  • We cannot add or remove anything from dashboards
  • Reports could be altered whenever needed

Availability of natural query language

  • Available in dashboards
  • Not available for reports

Changes in visualization

  • Dashboards visualization cannot be changed
  • Reports visualization could be changed

Here We can say both statements vary depending upon the access permission involved
These individual roles help power bi partners to build outstanding solutions.

We hope these listed differences made these core roles of Power BI Dashboards and Power BI Reports quite clear to you.

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Our highly skilled team will make sure your business insights get clearer with the valuable dashboards and reports.
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