Premium Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC)

The premium license starts at $100 per user per month. It includes all the functionalities of the Basic, and Essential license and also provides few exclusive features. You can learn more about the other license features by partnering up with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provider.

Features exclusive to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium license holders are:

1. Service Order Management

The Service Order Management module work wonders on providing services to the customers.

If you take the premium license, you can oversee all your service management operations within the confines of your office, just by leveraging the Business Central tool.

If you are worried about the post sales figures and related issues, then, you really don’t have to.

The Premium license of D365 BC gives you all the associated solution including service orders, service contract management, service price management, service item management, planning, and dispatching.

You can efficiently manage all the key components of the service order management, like connections, components, and other related information.

The Business Central app also, allows you to track the logistics developments and manage it through the device of your choice.

The KPIs associated with the services can also be monitored efficiently where you can decide on the records, reports, service leads to approach, the response time, service history, etc. To fully realize this unique license advantage, collaborate with a Dynamics 365 Business Central provider.

2. Manufacturing

The premium license of the D365 BC offers a plethora of features, specifically for the Manufacturing sector.

The manufacturing tools allow you to proficiently work on creating production orders, manage bills, and collaborate with any third party.

You can also manage the demands, chart out business plans specific to your organization, handle resources and requirements, handle purchase orders, and create production time-line based on the demand forecasts.

3. Application lifecycle Management

After gaining live presence of the customers on Business central, it becomes essential for the partners to be able to manage the life-cycle of the customer, plan solution, offer support, perform testing and so on.

With this added feature of MS Dynamics Business Central, you receive competencies like,

  • You can download a database export file
  • Every minute details for update events
  • Varied production environment

4. Modern Developer Tools

In the second wave of 2019 release, legacy development tool was excluded by Business Central.

This replacement was then filled up with a modern solution that is based on Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps. This competency offer you features like,

  • Access Modifiers
  • Attach and Debug next
  • Translating other extensions

5. Service Fundamentals

Considerate performance, reliability, supportability are crucial components to keep up the quality standards. Following are some features that you receive with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Business central services,

  • Lock-free number series
  • Surrogate Keys
  • Page Background Tasks

The Business Central software, irrespective of the license you go for, is sold by the Microsoft partners, that is the reason why you need to collaborate with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provider to successfully implement it.
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