How G-Suite evolving into Google Workspace has enhanced the experience & productivity.

Technology is continuously changing, evolving, and becoming superior to itself to serve the community better. With the advancement in technology, we are able to perform tasks more easily & efficiently while investing less time and resources. A tech giant like Google understands it and is always trying to provide its customers innovative and cutting-edge technological support.

With that in mind, Google rebranded G-Suite with Google Workspace, a much more integrated, communicative & collaborative tool.

Google Workspace Plan along with its pre-existing features offers an array of additional business-grade services & tools that helps businesses to enhance their experience & productivity. 

History of Google Workspace

In the year 2006, Google launched a collection of applications, services & tools for cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration to be used by businesses under the name, Google Apps for Work, and Google for businesses. In passing years Google introduced many other business-grade services & tools, like Google Site, Google Apps Sync, Google Apps Marketplace, Google Vault.

Google also unified the storage between Gmail & Google Drive. With so much change Google Apps for Work was rebranded as G-Suite on 29th September 2016. G-Suite plans were curated as per requirements into G-Suite Basic, G-Suite Business, and G-Suite Enterprise.

On 6th October 2020, Google rebranded G-Suite into Google Workspace with changed logos, many additional features, and a substantial emphasis on integration between apps for enhanced communication & collaboration for boosted productivity, especially in the current situation. 

How did Google Workspace change from its predecessor?

With the rebranding of G-Suite into Google Workspace, Google introduced many innovative changes to make Google Workspace an even more effective productivity solution for businesses.

  • New branding and updated logos

With the rebranding, Google is emphasizing from every front that Google Workspace is dedicated to increasing communication and collaboration of the work processes in the businesses.

The name Workspace itself provides a vision of Google towards making it into one of its kind business app suite, with integrated communication & collaboration. 

For the same reason the new and updated logos of Google Workspace application share a common color pattern, as per the colour pattern of current Google logo. 

  • Integrated user experience

Among all the new features and tools Google introduces with Google Workspace, the prime focus has been its new integrated user experience that offers businesses more effective collaboration, swifter communication and encourages them to create new digital customer experiences.

With integrated Gmail, Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet and more, one app can be used to obtain features from all others. Actions like Mailing, Chatting, Video Calling, Scheduling & Joining Meetings and others can be done with one app itself.

Integration of apps also facilitates easier creation & collaboration of files. Google Chat via pop-up window allows real time communication even while using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

  • Broader availability

In addition to all the innovative features & tools Google also introduced new Google Workspace Editions with solutions tailored to the unique needs of varying businesses & organizations. Along with rebranding the pre-existing G-Suite plan into Google Workspace Plan, Google also introduced editions for frontline workers, schools, nonprofits & government.

After rebranding, G-Suite Basic, G-Suite Business, and G-Suite Enterprise were reconstructed and rebranded to Google Workspace Business Starter, Google Workspace Business Standard, Google Workspace Business Plus & Google Workspace Enterprises. Apart from these editions the newly introduced editions were Google Workspace Essentials, Google Workspace for Education, Google Workspace for Nonprofits, Google Workspace for Government, Google Workspace for Frontline Workers.

With additions of these Google Workspace Editions, almost everyone is able to take the benefits of the cutting-edge productivity tool of Google and make their work process efficient and boost their productivity.

  • Easier ways to get started.

Google boasts its simplicity, helpfulness, and flexibility. 

Google understands that a perfect solution for business must have the innovative technology and robust process, but it still has to be simple and sophisticated for better user experience.

Every business shares a need for cathartic business solutions that would help to tackle current issues like power remote work, support frontline workers, keep serving their customer and creating immersive digital experiences and thrive irrespective of the situation. This also brings forth need for data storage, management, security and compliance.

Google Workspace helps the businesses by providing them with all their needs and has dedicated teams 24*7 for email & call support.

There are ‘n’ numbers of businesses and each of them serve differently and have varying needs. Understanding this Google offers more choices in the form of Google Workspace Editions and keeping a pay-as-you-go model for effective scalability for the businesses.

This helps the businesses to get the most out of Google Workspace, with easy scale up or down as per requirement. 

How Google Workspace enhance experience & productivity?

  • Simple & Sophisticated Tools
  • Easy Access to Files & Data
  • Quick Communication 
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Flexible for scaling up or down.
  • Curated Editions for Varying needs
  • Cutting-Edge technology 
  • 24*7 support on call & mail

The world today is trying to cope up with the pandemic and trying to strive together to keep moving forward. In times like this with all the workforces safely put in their homes and working from comfort of their bed, a robust business productivity suite like Google Workspace works to enhance the work process and help the businesses to serve their customers and thrive even with the raging pandemic.

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