How to Advance Career in Semiconductor Industry?

The semiconductors industry has developed into a massive industry within the last decade. Since the year 2010, it has been growing and it still has a long way to go because of its demand in today’s world.

The products of the semiconductor industry have found their applications in almost every sector for digitalization and technology adoption. With growing technology and the increase of digitalization in every field the demand for semiconductor products and devices is ever-rising.

Being a part of an industry with a big scope for development is the desire of almost every employee and job seeker. A career in Semiconductor Industry is a golden opportunity for such individuals as it offers a chance to become part of a developing industry that has limitless potential.

What is the Semiconductor Industry?

The semiconductor industry is the gross of all the companies dealing with designing, manufacturing, and supplying semiconductors or semiconductor products such as integrated circuits or VLSI circuits.

The industry was formally started in the year 1960 when the creation of semiconductors became a viable business with rising demands of semiconductor devices to be used in electronics devices.

Since its inception, the semiconductor industry has been constantly rising with annual revenue of around $500 billion in the latest years. The industry-standard products offered by the semiconductor industry are in heavy demand among the electronics industry, the tech industry, and the e-commerce industry.

With the advancement of technology and digitization of every walk of life, the products of the semiconductor industry also have developed unprecedented applications and growth making it an important part of the transportation, automobile, healthcare industry as well as the defense sector, but not limited to only these industries.

Scope of Career in Semiconductor Industry?

The semiconductor is a bustling industry with huge untapped competency and potential and semiconductor industry careers are likely to become more and more lucrative with passing time. With the right approach, semiconductor recruitment will be attracting a great number of talented individuals from the technology and engineering field.

The work process of the semiconductor industry mainly involves R & D, handling semiconductor substances, and manufacturing microchips for various industrial, household and defense applications where electronic and digital devices are deployed. It offers promising careers by generating jobs for varied engineering and technology background candidates. Some of the popular jobs that are in great demand are – electrical and electronics engineering jobs, LTE developer, JAVA developer for semiconductor application development jobs, jobs for full-stack engineers, Hardware Engineering jobs, RTL jobs, and many more.

The products of semiconductors are often used in crucial environments with very low or no tolerance and therefore the semiconductor organizations look for industry-standard experts with the desired skill set. With some of leading companies like Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, Dell EMC, Whirlpool, Nvidia

Semiconductor companies are always on the lookout for expert individuals with specific IT & engineering skills. It offers job opportunities in electrical engineering field, telecom engineering, hardware engineering, and software development field, along with analog design, and analytics to such individuals.

How can one Advance Career in Semiconductor Industry?

With such a huge scope development career in semiconductors becomes an amazing opportunity and yet it lacks the desired manpower.

The biggest reason for that is – Semiconductor Industry requires individuals with expertise and deep knowledge of his/her field, possess specific IT & engineering skills, relevant experience for the job, and transferable skills from previous employment.

With so many factors affecting careers in semiconductor industry, it becomes important to deal with each of them to be able to advance as a successful team member and as an expert individual in the semiconductor industry. Once these factors are carefully taken care of, the semiconductor industry welcomes every skilled individual with open arms.

Let’s discuss these factors, that affects career in semiconductor industry

1. Focus on Acquiring skills

Skills play a major role in a successful career in any industry and it is the same to excel in the semiconductor industry too. The higher-level roles require necessary skills, knowledge & experience with specific tools. 

There are many skills that are acquired in previous employment that can be used with new roles in the semiconductor industry, such skills are called transferable skills. These skills can be used in the general scope of work.

Basic skills like mechanical aptitude, technical knowledge, and effective communication are crucial points for hiring managers in every semiconductor manufacturing company.

2. Connect with Semiconductor Workforce

The best way to learn about any industry is from people who work in the industry. Increasing interaction with the current workforce of the semiconductor industry through groups on Facebook and LinkedIn provides industry news, job alerts, insights, and discussions.

Taking part in various industry-related discussions also offers access to connect with industry experts who can help to get a sense of the semiconductor industry and provide proper guidance of what to expect and how to venture in.

These connections can also help to create a presence in the industry and be in the spotlight for semiconductor recruitment for suitable positions.

3. Take help of a Staffing Service

Even with having the skills and expertise, it might still be possible to not get the desired job in the semiconductor industry, to tackle such an issue choose an expert staffing solution provider.

Enlisting the help of an expert staffing agency or a recruitment company makes it easier to join semiconductor companies that might not consider hiring if approached directly. The staffing agencies also have access to specialist positions that the company doesn’t publicize.

Applying to a job in the caseload of a staffing agency makes the agency personally invested, and they not only help with recruitment but also offer career advice and insights into a career change.

4. Keep Training & Learning on the Job

One of the biggest differences between a successful and unsuccessful individual is his eagerness to learn. One must always keep learning and making himself more versatile in his field and get more info about other related fields.

Transferring from another industry to the semiconductor industry is a tough job, but that doesn’t mean one should stop striving after that. Once in the industry work to maximize the opportunities. If the position has a training period, be extra attentive in that time, ask questions and learn as much as possible.

Take advantage of all the learning opportunities, read more about the industry, ask questions & discuss, volunteer to take part in up-skilling initiatives. These are easy ways to learn while you earn and become a much more prominent and expert individual in the semiconductor industry.


The semiconductor industry is a developing industry and is growing with leaps and bounds. A career in Semiconductor industry is an amazing choice for individuals looking to excel in their field. 

In order to keep up with the heavy threshold of the semiconductor industry, an individual must have the necessary IT and engineering skills and be an expert in that. Semiconductor Industry offers careers in various fields such as electrical engineering careers, hardware and software development, telecom engineering, etc.

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