Lead your development amidst COVID-19 : Offshore Development Services in India could be your saviour

Started as an outbreak in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus eventually turned into a Pandemic.  Over a period of the month, we witnessed the spread of this deadly virus in major countries. 

If we look at the statements made by the scientists and the World Health Organization, the possibility is that the number of infected countries might climb. 

So far, there are around 140,000 affected individuals. The mortality rate is 2% despite taking preventive measures and high-end treatment. Some of the countries that are majorly hit by COVID-19 are USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, and Middle East countries.

Governments across the globe have taken aggressive decisions to shut down the malls, schools, colleges, companies and even stores. The drastic decision was taken in order to control the spread of the virus. 

While we all are practicing self-isolation, the real question that is nagging most of us is- How do we stop this crisis from affecting our businesses or development projects? While most of the organizations are in lockdown, opting for offshore development services is the best thing we can do! Don’t you agree? 

How are large-scaled organizations reacting to Corona Virus?

Well, such calamities are inevitable, there is least we can do to control them. But, But, But, there is a lot that we can do by responding in the correct way.

Huge firms like Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon are following work from home policies. 

Although we are tackling the current on-going projects really well, the real challenge is in building and launching the new products in the market.

Considering the mindset of people living in quarantine, we believe this is the best time for a new digital product since people are eagerly looking for anything that would either keep them busy, informed or entertained.

How can India be a hope amidst this chaos?

India is one of those rare countries where the spread of COVID-19 is majorly under control. It is taking aggressive measures to stop the spread in the country and keep people uninfected. 

Flights are being restricted and those who have returned from foreign are being strictly quarantined.  Besides, India has been doing a great job in keeping their projects in the process of development and also delivery. 

 There are tons of other reasons why India ranks no.1 when it comes to OffShore development, and here are some of them –

  • Easy availability of professionals

If we look at the statistics around 3 million students in India start working every year, most of whom are IT professionals. Apart from their technical skills another thing that proves a major boon is their command over the English language, and soft skills.

  • Cost-effective solutions

It is not a new fact that the currency difference between India and other countries is significant. If an offshore country decides to outsource a development project to India, they save up to 60% of the cost. Well, this is a huge reason to choose India as your outsourcing partner.

  • Efficient management of overlap timing

If we look at the time zone India is set in, it is clear that our time from other countries is not extremely apart. Major regions like Europe, Singapore, Middle East are approximately 3-4 hours apart which is manageable. 

As far as countries like the U.S are concerned which is 9 and a half-hour behind from India is dealt with a special team dedicated to working at their time zone. We are so rich in resources that partnering with these countries with different time zones bothers us the least.

With all this to offer, the true recognition India got was when recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), appreciated the fighting spirit of India and also pointed out how we are capable of combating this deadly virus.

It also stated that India has played a vital role in eradicating serious diseases like smallpox & polio. These words of appreciation invoked in us the zeal of fighting and working hard for ourselves and for the world.

We hope this blog gave you a clear understanding of the competencies India holds.

So, if you are someone who has already chosen India for their offshore development needs, we want to take this opportunity and tell you that your project is in good hands. Also, for all the enterprises that are looking out for a way to keep their project going without any disruptions, you can go ahead and find a reliable India firm like SA Technologies.

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