Microsoft Business 365: helping industries to keep up with the abrupt changes in the business

The unforeseen epidemic affected every aspect of the daily lives of people around the world: family, social interactions, communities, and, of course, work.

Businesses, small, medium, or big understood the need of the hour and shifted to a new and modern process of business and employment to keep running even during the pandemic. Businesses and their work processes migrated from traditional at-facility to innovative digital platforms, which enabled them ease of access and unhindered work during a pandemic.

We witnessed a huge wave of people towards computer literacy and started hearing about a term called “work-from-home”.

Microsoft Business 365 became one of the leading solutions that enabled secure remote work and helped the people in them strive to keep the world running.

What is Microsoft Business 365?

Microsoft Business 365 is a set of subscription plans from Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) that is curated for business needs. The rebranded Microsoft 365 succeeded Office 365 subscriptions and added products and services beyond the core Microsoft Office software family.

It offered all the Office apps and along with that a collection of applications for organizations’ collaboration, a set of software as a service for cloud computing-based productivity tools, and artificial intelligence. It provides subscription-based plans to firms. 

Microsoft 365 Business reimagines the business with easy-to-use applications; providing access anytime, anywhere; real-time collaboration through chat, call, and online meetings; advanced security options in a cost-effective and pay-as-you-go solution.

It enhances the work process and provides smoother running & better results by deploying cutting-edge technology and harnessing the essence of the internet.

Benefits of Microsoft Business 365:

Microsoft 365 Business include Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, OneDrive, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, OneNote with other products for business environments, such as hosted Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer along with others added benefits and services for the smooth running of organizations.

It also consists of options to configure security features and settings on Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices running iOS or Android with an easy-to-use setup wizard.

  • With Microsoft 365 Business users receive access to web versions of MS Office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, they also get up-to-date versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote for Windows 10, iOS, and Android. It also enables co-authoring and allows multiple users to work on the same document in real-time.
  • Microsoft 365 Business gives the option to create mail ids with custom domains and boasts a 50GB storage for the mailbox. Users can also restore deleted accounts, create custom scripts, and more.
  • The calendar included in Microsoft 365 Business plans enables easy meeting scheduling and responding to invitations through a shared calendar. Users can also manage calendars to share available meeting times and get alerts for scheduled meetings.
  • Microsoft Business 365 hoists 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive. The files uploaded on the cloud can be edited from anywhere anytime using any device and the real-time changes are synced to all the accounts and devices with permission.
  • Microsoft 365 for Business takes collaboration and communication one step further with chat, calls, and video meetings with up to 300 users on Teams. It also allows easy sharing of files, apps, and information across the Intranet with the help of SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Security gives you the safety of industries leading brands with more than 1,000 security and privacy control standards and terms. It also protects against spam, malware, and known threats with Exchange Online Protection. Users can also control who and when someone can access specific information by using security groups and custom permissions.
  • Various Microsoft 365 apps and tools are specifically designed to fulfill specific business needs and help the users in managing the business. Microsoft lists tracks important information and work; Microsoft Forms is used to gather feedback from customers and employees; Microsoft Bookings provides the customer with easy scheduling and appointment management. 
  • Microsoft Business 365 also provides 24*7 support for any kind of issue, query, or complaint through phone as well as email.

How is Microsoft Business 365 helping industries?

With the raging Pandemic, businesses of all verticals and scales migrated to remote working because failing to do that would mean decimation by the recession.

Employees were working from the comfort of their homes and safe from health hazards and in order to ensure continuity of business, but a business needs collaboration, communication, and connections, we need a rigorous and sophisticated system that can help in achieving the said collaboration, communication and connections. 

Microsoft Business 365 became a one-stop solution for all these issues.

  • It provides access to files, apps, and information anytime, anywhere with any device.
  • It is convenient, easy to set up, cost-effective with the flexibility of the scale.
  • It delivers top-notch defense against cyber threats by the industry’s leading brand.
  • It offers fine-tuning of Privacy & Security with over 1,000 standards and terms.
  • It helps to digitalize the business with cutting-edge technology and powerful AI support.
  • It boosts data storage with easy collaboration & real-time backup & sync.

Microsoft Business 365 can help a business to thrive even in current chaos and make the work process smooth and efficient with better security, enhanced productivity while being cost-efficient.