Role of Microsoft CRM in the Food & Beverages Industry

The food industry has witnessed a humongous boom in the past few decades. Everything from milk to flour, to groceries, switched from its traditional way of availability and made its way to packets. Studies proved that the food industry grows by 5% every year on a global scale. This industry is subject to a lot of challenges and prone to errors. And since there is a lot of consumption involved, the industry cannot risk making the mistakes. But worry not, we have a solution for that; Microsoft CRM in the food and beverage industry is what we are talking about. 

statistics of food industry

• The industry is said to engage around 1.85 million people only in India

• The egg production recorded in 2018 reached to 9.5 bn

• Total fish production was approximately 12.6 mn tonnes 

• Food retail market is growing by 25% every year

Now we can imagine the depth and diversity of the businesses dealing with food. 

We have heard a lot about it, but let us take you through a quick synopsis. 

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is customer relationship management software that helps organizations to streamline departments like sales, marketing, service sector, and a lot more.

It was designed by Microsoft with the aim to offer its clients an efficient way to manage their business and save time. 

This CRM software comes with a lot of tools and functionalities making it one of the most driven platforms. It works amazingly for all the industry types.

Hence, it is not so surprising that Microsoft CRM in the food and beverage industry makes such a huge difference. 

CRM software and CRM solutions are built for the convenience of the business owner and staff, etc. But it surely has a different approach for every industry.

Therefore, today in this blog, we will see what role does Microsoft dynamics play in the food industry. 

How CRM software helps the food industry to grow? 

To begin with, let us tell you that this CRM software has every right component to handle the challenges of the food domain. It manages complex operations, compliance regulations, financial aspects, etc.

In a nutshell, you receive the agility your business needs. The best thing is it expands along with your business and empowers you with high-security and best practices. Now let’s dive deep!

How CRM software helps the food industry to grow
  • Manufacturing Operations 

Manufacturing is a crucial stage in food production. It is a decisive factor that can make or break your business. But you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM at your rescue. It helps you to be quick in forecasting and planning.

In addition, business owners can use their functionality to manage the shelf-life and seasonality of the product. It doesn’t end here, it also offers the simplest ways to plan and schedule the production.

  • Supply Chain Management

When CRM solution works for supply chain management, it makes the visibility of raw materials and ingredients transparent.

Organizations can track the product’s entire journey. Plus, it has the best tools for warehouse and distribution management.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has amazing reporting tools that are user-friendly. It delivers deep analytics helping businesses to make better decisions. It is built with a modern user-interface to enhance the productivity of the workforce.

  • Financial Management 

Microsoft’s CRM solution does a seamless job in managing the financial department. It comes with multi-currency and multi-national support. So the majority of the critical work and calculations are performed by the CRM software.

  • Product Development

This feature simplifies complex processes like recipe management, integrated quality management, and advanced product life-cycle management for better responses. 

From the above information we can conclude that Microsoft’s CRM platform is user-friendly, easy-to-implement and a flexible solution that helps you meet your day-to-day demand and long term goals. Let’s see its benefits in detail. 

Benefits of Microsoft CRM for Food Industry

Benefits of Microsoft CRM for Food Industry

• It boosts the sales order that results in maximum profitability

• Brings utmost precision in the data flow throughout the entire organization

• Flawlessly integrates with financial and reporting applications

• Aligns inventory and shipment details to promote better decision-making

• Results in better user-experience through smooth communication

• Supports the organization to define and implement the prices making it flexible

• Enhances the delivery efficiencies

• Can integrate applications with bar code technologies to automate the delivery schedules

• Monitors the food safety by co-ordinating product-tracking 

• It improves compliance and accountability with the help of entities like metric setting

Through all the above-mentioned information, we hope you got a clear idea of the role Microsoft Dynamics CRM plays in the Food Industry. If you too are someone who deals in the food domain and is willing to make the best use of Microsoft’s CRM platform then you need to choose a partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting services. 

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