Microsoft Power BI Desktop – An Efficient Tool for Data Integration


Data is just a series of words if one cannot excruciate valuable information out of it. Online presence of the businesses has made it possible for involved authorities to accumulate data from numerous sources and in turn, it could be used to analyze and make further business moves.

If we consider doing it manually it will eventually end up in a mess. This is where Microsoft Power BI Desktop proves to be a strong tool.

It is an exceptional application of Power BI that one can easily install and connect to all the crucial data whenever and where ever they want.

Microsoft Power BI consulting has become a really popular term in India that one can easily get from efficient Power BI vendors.

Let us give you a quick intro of what it basically does. So, Microsoft Power BI desktop works as a medium that collects data from a lot of sources, process them in an appropriate model and once done allows you to build eye-pleasing visuals along with the clear and transparent reports.

Now imagine, how simplified it would be if you can present the crucial business data in a sorted and understandable manner? Yes, it would be a total bliss.

Installation of Microsoft Power BI Desktop will not only break down simplicity but will also make them enthusiastic. Now imagine the ease it will bring along!

By taking the help of Microsoft Power BI consulting services, one can unleash all features of Power BI Desktop. Let us show you a few basic features it has to offer us.

Power BI Comes with a DirectQuery Option

DirectQuery features bring along a world of benefits. Using this one could build visualizations even for large datasets. It is not as simple with other tools.

This also eliminates the need for importing all the crucial data to build reports, for it uses fresh and constantly updated data. Data limitation is also not applicable while using DirectQuery.

Create and Share Interactive Reports for Business

Representing the data in visual form always help since it becomes more meaningful, easy and interesting.

With the Microsoft Power BI consulting services, one could collect all the data, create visuals and store them combinedly.

This collection is usually called as reports. A report could be of various pages built on graphs and charts.

It is not just restricted to creation. Once created you can also share these reports to everybody in your organization. It could be published to Power BI service.

Power BI Data Modeling

Data Modeling is a feature of Microsoft Power BI desktop that makes it a fully-fledged solution.

This feature allows you to clean, align, and define the existing data to build metrics and reports. All of these brings an ease in the data distribution that saves the time of every individual involved.

Giving a tough competition to Excel, Microsoft Power BI offers way more features that suit well to the increasing demand.

SATech can help you excruciate every lesser known feature of Power BI and related applications.

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