Microsoft Power BI Mobile Apps for Different Operating Systems

Microsoft Power BI mobile is the most convenient tool that offers freedom of accessing data anytime that too without any restriction of a place.

These Microsoft BI mobile apps come for Android, iOS, and windows. The core purpose of this app is to allow an individual to connect and interact with the data present on both the cloud and premises.

Reports and dashboards created on Power BI Desktop could be accessed and viewed on these mobile apps by Power BI.

Let us see how it works for every version along with the limitations it brings.

iPhone Operating System (iOS)- Power BI Mobile Apps for iPhone

iOS is an operating system that is known for its capabilities to adapt and support maximum advanced technologies.

Since it goes with everything this MS Power BI app does too. iOS version of Power BI mobile app allows you to see the reports in a special layout.

In addition to this, you can also add it to your Apple watch. If one finds some queries, they can solve it by asking a virtual Q&A analyst. We could say that Microsoft Power BI for mobile has introduced ease in the business world.

What Power BI Mobile Apps bring for iPad?

It is a slightly different experience of using the app on iPad than it is on iPhone. It presents the reports and dashboards in a similar way as they are on Power BI service.

Well, it is not just limited to dashboards and reports iPad offers you a little more than that. Check out the following,
• Power BI report server is visible
• Can see reporting services KPI’s
• Data alerts are popped up when data varies beyond the limits

Power BI Mobile Apps for Android Phone

With Power BI mobile apps your data is literally in your pocket and just a few clicks away.

Amazing thing is, one can filter a report as per his/her geographical location. This offers a lot of conveniences and saves time. Another way you can go to a dashboard or a report is by scanning a QR code.

All of these features and Microsoft Power BI for Mobile in itself have enhanced the Power BI impact on the market.

Power BI Mobile Apps for Android Tablet

Fortunately, this app runs on various Android tablets making it even more friendly to use. This touch-enabled access to your business data works wonder.

While using the Windows app on tablet one can see the reports in the same manner as on the power BI consulting services.

You can also have quick access to the dashboards and reports of umpteen importance by adding them to your favorites.

Features of Power BI Mobiles Apps for Windows

Windows app of Power BI runs on the Windows 10 versions and Windows 10 phones. Windows app provides many extraordinary features and functionalities.

You can do wonderful things here like pinning down an important dashboard to your screen and helps you to keep it in mind. Here, Power BI could also be run on presentation mode.

Microsoft Power BI solutions have totally changed the way we handle the business in a hugely positive way. Now you can explore and share your data in the most simplified manner.

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