How Will Power BI Embedded Impact Your Business?

What is Power BI Embedded? Is it a new Power BI update? Should I consider using it? What are its features? How helpful the BI Embedded is for my business?

If you seek answer to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll educate you about Power BI Embedded and how it can affect your business.

If you know anything about Microsoft products and platforms, you no doubt must be familiar with Power BI and its functions. Power BI is a business intelligence software that empowers everybody at each level of organization to settle on certain choices utilizing the business analytics.

With Power BI, you can make savvy dashboards with intuitive perceptions all inside an easy-to-use interface. Since it seems like a particularly supportive device, wouldn’t it be pleasant if there was an element that simplifies Power BI? Indeed, there is, and it’s called Power BI Embedded.

What Exactly is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded is a feature in Power BI that allows application developers to embed visually-pleasing, fully interactive reports into their applications without having to build their own data visualizations and controls from scratch. can be best utilized by application developers and software companies, also known as independent software vendors (ISVs).

It is for developers who want to embed visuals into their applications. Power BI Embedded helps app developers to make decisions as it is built for application developers, users of that application can consume content stored on BI Embedded capacity, including anyone inside or outside the organization.

Boost Your Business Growth

With intuitive reports and dashboards in your Microsoft applications, you can really stand apart from the opposition. You will be actually able to uncover significant information quicker than previously, which can improve income, project management, and customer relations.

Clients who use BI Embedded will not need to contribute the time and cost of building and keeping up analytics themselves.

Better Manage the Data

With BI Embedded, you can allow your developers to zero in on your primary applications while all your analytics are being prepared. Your information will be improved and protected through BI Embedded APIs, SDKs, and wizards

Enhance the User Experience

There are many visuals and highlights to look over to enhance the client experience with BI Embedded. In this upgraded Power BI landscape, you can try out a significant number of the features without composing any code.

All you need do to begin is to choose the sample you want to explore, roll out any improvements to get the outcomes that you need, and click Run.

Benefits of Power BI Embedded:

  1. Power BI Embedded empowers you to share Power BI content inside and remotely, without requiring extra Power BI Pro licenses for report buyers.
  2. It offers a consistent experience to users that doesn’t change month to month or require frequent training.
  3. BI Embedded permits you to characterize and oversee user experience contingent upon audiences, like organizations and developers.
  4. It guarantees that your data is properly separated based on client identity by permitting you to channel row-level security (RLS) whenever required.


As you can see in this blog, there are numerous ways to take advantage of Power BI Embedded. However, you’ve to ensure that you’re optimizing your resources and these competencies in a way that fully supports the specific, end goals of your organization.

If you need help along the way, SA Technologies’ Power BI consulting services help organizations to do just that.

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