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We are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes unlock the full potential of their customer relationships. Our Salesforce solutions are designed to empower your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with the tools they need to drive growth, build loyalty, and achieve your business objectives. Whether you’re just starting with Salesforce or looking to take your existing implementation to the next level, our team of certified Salesforce experts is here to help you succeed. 


Salesforce Consulting

We engage in a collaborative partnership with our clients, taking the time to clearly comprehend their business processes and objectives. Based on this understanding, we create tailored solutions that are specifically designed to aid them in achieving their desired outcomes. Our Salesforce consulting services comprise the development of a Salesforce roadmap, thorough analysis of business processes, and the creation of customized Salesforce solutions. 

Salesforce Implementation

We recognize that the process of implementing Salesforce can seem like a challenging undertaking for many businesses. Consequently, our implementation services are strategically crafted to ensure a smooth and effortless transition. Our goal is to assist businesses in implementing Salesforce in a manner that optimizes its benefits while minimizing the disruption to their daily operations. Our implementation services encompass comprehensive project management, seamless data migration, and comprehensive user training to ensure a successful adoption of the platform.

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Salesforce Customization & Lightning Migration Services

We recognize that businesses possess unique needs and requirements that are specific to their industry and operations. As a result, we offer Salesforce customization services that enable businesses to tailor their Salesforce platform to their specific needs. Whether it involves customizing reports and dashboards or developing custom applications, our experts can provide businesses with the tools and support necessary to fully leverage the capabilities of the Salesforce platform. In addition, we also provide Lightning migration services that facilitate the smooth transition from Classic to the Lightning experience, allowing businesses to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements to improve their operations. 

Salesforce Integration

We acknowledge that businesses rely on a wide range of software applications to manage their operations. To assist businesses in streamlining their operations and enhancing their efficiency, we offer Salesforce integration services that enable the integration of their Salesforce platform with other applications. Our team of experts can help businesses seamlessly integrate Salesforce with marketing automation tools, financial systems, and other third-party applications, allowing for greater connectivity and operational efficiency. 

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Salesforce Products We Offer 


Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud empowers businesses to manage their sales processes comprehensively, from start to finish. With a range of powerful tools for lead generation, pipeline management, and sales forecasting, Sales Cloud simplifies the process of boosting sales and expanding business operations.


Service Cloud

Service Cloud offers businesses a range of tools designed to provide exceptional customer service, including managing customer inquiries, self-service support, and tracking customer satisfaction. By utilizing Service Cloud, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers, encouraging repeat business and fostering brand loyalty. 


Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud offers businesses a comprehensive solution for engaging with their customers meaningfully, featuring robust tools for email marketing, social media advertising, and customer analytics. With Marketing Cloud, businesses can deliver personalized messages to their customers, resulting in improved engagement and increased sales.


Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud is a platform created to aid businesses in selling their products and services online. The platform is equipped with tools for managing orders, inventory, and customer data. By utilizing Commerce Cloud, businesses can offer a smooth shopping experience to their customers, increasing customer satisfaction and driving revenue. 


Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud is a solution that provides businesses with powerful insights into customer behavior and business performance. It features a suite of tools for data visualization, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. By utilizing Analytics Cloud, businesses can make better decisions based on data-driven insights, driving growth and improving operational efficiency. 


Financial Cloud 

Financial Cloud is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in the financial industry. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we recognize the value of Financial Cloud for our clients in the financial sector, and we are dedicated to helping them leverage its capabilities to drive their business forward. 

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Industries we serve

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Empower education with innovative solutions

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Enhances your government services with improved world-class security.

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Transform your care journey with higher productivity & improved patient care.

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Media and Entertainment

Improve experiences with Intelligent Cloud.

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Explore your game to the next level.

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Non Profit

Smoothen your business process by increasing flexibility.

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IT Product and services

Digitally transform your infrastructure.

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Optimize your retail operations with an intelligent, trusted and secure platform.

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What we do?

Salesforce Tools 

Our organization offers a comprehensive suite of Salesforce tools, empowering businesses to optimize their operations and achieve their goals with ease and efficiency. 

Salesforce CPQ

Our mobile app makes it easy for sales reps and service agents to access customer data and manage their workflows on the go.

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses automate their marketing workflows, delivering personalized messages to customers and increasing engagement.

Marketo & Heroku

Marketo and Heroku are powerful platforms that help businesses achieve marketing and development goals. Marketo enables lead management, email marketing, and analytics, while Heroku simplifies app building, deployment, and scaling. Together, these platforms drive growth and strengthen customer relationships.


MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform has become a core part of Salesforce’s strategy to help organizations create connected experiences for their customers and streamline their internal operations. With the integration of MuleSoft’s technology, Salesforce can offer a more complete solution for digital transformation, enabling customers to integrate their existing systems and applications without being locked into proprietary technologies. 

Why SA Technologies? 

SA Technologies offers a range of Salesforce services designed to help businesses achieve their goals and drive success. Our team of experts possesses extensive experience and expertise in Salesforce consulting, implementation, customization, integration, and support services. We take a tailored approach to Salesforce services, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and providing customized solutions that align with their strategic objectives. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition, and our proven track record of success speaks for itself. With our comprehensive suite of Salesforce services, businesses can leverage the full power of the Salesforce platform and achieve long-term growth and success.

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Success stories

Case Studies

A leading telecom company needed to streamline their document management process across teams and departments. They had been using both Salesforce and SharePoint for different purposes and wanted to integrate the two to improve efficiency and productivity.

SA Technologies helped a non-profit organization to automate its fundraising efforts and improve donor engagement through salesforce. The organization in question is a medium-sized non-profit organization that focuses on providing education and healthcare services to underprivileged communities.

A Global Manufacturing Company also a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery and equipment, serving clients worldwide. Despite their strong reputation, they were struggling to meet sales targets and improve customer satisfaction due to inefficient sales processes.

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