SharePoint solutions for Healthcare: streamline healthcare service and suffice healthcare needs

The healthcare industry has always been an important part of society, but the importance and need for robust healthcare services grew severely in recent years. With the severity of the Corona pandemic, healthcare organizations faced strong pressure to deliver the best healthcare service to their patients.

Healthcare Organizations needed powerful, streamlined, tech-led solutions that could help them create an efficient work process and serve the community better.

SharePoint solutions for Healthcare works as a promising answer to address a lot of challenges faced by healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations and helps to offer better treatment and care.

SharePoint in healthcare is actively used as an impressive tool that enhances the work process and improves the care by Healthcare Professionals, caregivers, and Healthcare workers while keeping work in a strictly regulated environment, with robust cybersecurity and strong confidentiality.

What is SharePoint & what are its features?

SharePoint or Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform. It was launched by Microsoft on 28th March 2001 as a document management and storage system but developed into much more like a highly configurable product with varying usage among organizations. 

SharePoint is a mobile team intranet, where one can share files, collaborate and foster teamwork. It integrates with Microsoft Office and helps to create an intranet within an organization for quick data transfer and swift collaboration.

Various applications of Microsoft SharePoint include Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, Intranet, Social Networking, System to Enhance Collaboration, Personal Cloud (File hosting service), and more.

SharePoint has various editions to cater to specific needs and different organizations, these editions are:

  1. SharePoint Standard – Key product areas are sites, communities, content, search, etc.
  2. SharePoint Server – Used for greater control over SharePoint’s behaviour or design.
  3. SharePoint Enterprise – Built upon SharePoint Standard, it offers search thumbnail and extension, BI integration, PowerPivot & Performance Point, and other Microsoft Office tools.
  4. SharePoint Online – Offers the advantage of not needing to maintain one’s own servers, on the coast of lack of customization options.

SharePoint solutions for Healthcare Needs

The Healthcare Industry is indeed very vast and has to deal with an enormous amount of information ranging from medical records and patient information to financial reports and staff details.

With ever-advancing technology, the healthcare industry is transforming with leaps and bounds by implementing the latest advent, and implementation of SharePoint in healthcare takes the advancement further ahead with a streamlined solution for better healthcare management and healthcare service.

SharePoint solutions for Healthcare work to resolve all the major obstacles faced by healthcare organizations today. It works to streamline the work process, minimize cost and time, enhance collaboration & communication, better document management, easy data access, stronger compliance, and security.

1. Automated Workflow

Healthcare organizations have to go through numerous manual processes such as registration, documenting, storing, and sharing files, maintaining and updating records, and more.

With SharePoint workflow automation these tedious and time-consuming tasks become easy to handle with built-in templates, clause libraries. It also offers a better way for managing documents and collaborating easily and offers the ability to track processes from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

SharePoint workflow automation works to save a lot of time and effort by converting tedious manual processes into simple automated processes and letting healthcare providers focus more on patient care.

2. Document Management

Healthcare Industries have to manage, create and update a huge amount of data in files such as medical records, patient information, financial reports, staff details, etc.

With the SharePoint document management system, healthcare organizations can create a central repository to store and manage all the documents. This also liberates the organizations from handling data in papers. It also offers a search feature that helps users to look for any specific document throughout all the integrated systems.

SharePoint document management helps to create a centralized repository and offers a paperless document management system to resolve the complication of document management.

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3. Enhance Collaboration

SharePoint in healthcare works to enhance collaboration thereby increasing productivity. It helps to create an intranet of the organization for the staff that enables them to connect & collaborate with the necessary data and work.

With SharePoint, healthcare organizations can create a portal for patients to connect with their doctors and other staff members. It helps in better communication, collaboration, and coordination for healthcare services and helps to serve the patient effectively.

SharePoint seeks to enhance collaboration between healthcare staff and help them to serve their patients better, it also allows project administrators to create customized dashboards partners.

4. Permission Management

The information healthcare organizations have to be shared by various staff members. SharePoint uses a centralized repository with enabled restrictions, limited access, and other privacy measures.

With the SharePoint permission management system, organizations can grant different permission to view, upload, or edit important documents to different staff members, it also helps to limit the access of the information to only those who need it.

The Permissions Management feature of SharePoint allows assigning roles and permission to information and helps to ensure that safer documents management. It has compliance features that support HIPAA requirements and regulations making it a safe bet for healthcare management.

5. Secure Environment

Most of the data in healthcare industries are sensitive and confidential and needs a safe and secure environment for storing, sharing, and managing the data. SharePoint has in-built compliance features that keep the data properly protected and secured.

SharePoint Security Management incorporates a smart feature called Advanced Security Management, it is designed to detect sensitive information when the data is uploaded and send alerts to end-users to take necessary actions or block the process by itself if necessary.

SharePoint works to create a safe and secure environment for sensitive data and maintain the integrity and security of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). It also helps setting up retention policies for documents as per HIPAA regulations.


SharePoint solutions for Healthcare have the ability to enhance the healthcare organizations to work more efficiently and serve better, with automated workflow, seamless collaboration, secure & private environment, permission, and document management.

It works to liberate healthcare organizations from the hassle of the traditional work process of the healthcare industry. With accurate utilization of features and tools of Google Workspace, healthcare providers will be able to serve the community much more effectively and efficiently.

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