How New Features of Microsoft 365 are Enhancing the Services of the Healthcare Industry?

Technology is ever-evolving & advancing. It is the goal of technology to keep becoming more usable and beneficial for society. 

Nobody knows it better than technological giants like Microsoft. They understand the rising needs and demands of the human populace for more advanced, more powerful, and more sophisticated tools & technologies.

It is this understanding that keeps Microsoft on its toes and makes it develop innovative, efficient, and robust features to offer to its consumers in different spheres.

The various specific and well-calibrated Microsoft 365 Features or Office 365 Features for Healthcare Industry, Educational Institution, Business & Enterprise as well as Personal uses are proof of that. 

Since the inception of Office App Suite on 28 June 2011 it has grown with leaps and bounds and has evolved into a full-fledged system of software with core Microsoft Apps, Cloud-based tools for Productivity & Collaboration, Advanced Artificial Intelligence features, and more.

What is Microsoft 365 & its features?

Microsoft 365 is a set of subscription plans for office suites from Microsoft originally launched as Office App Suite for core Microsoft Apps on 28 June 2011. With passing time it evolved and incorporated robust, innovative features and tools.

Now the plans of Microsoft 365 offer all the core Microsoft Apps, Cloud-based tools for Productivity, Collaboration & Communication, Advanced Artificial Intelligence features, and more along with Windows 10 Enterprise. 

Microsoft 365 reimagines the day-to-day work of organizations with easy-to-use applications; providing access anytime, anywhere; real-time collaboration through chat, call, and online meetings; advanced security options in a cost-effective and pay-as-you-go solution.

It enhances the work process and provides smoother running & better results by deploying cutting-edge technology and harnessing the essence of the internet.

To cater to the varying needs of different industries and organizations Microsoft 365 features different plans:

This Blog will discuss Microsoft 365 Features and their Benefits in Healthcare Industry

How Features of Microsoft 365 Improve the Healthcare Industry?

With the pandemic wreaking havoc in the whole world, Healthcare Organizations were put on the back foot and were being tested against time.

Assessing the growing needs of digital solutions for the healthcare industry in today’s world Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365 for Healthcare Organizations which has tools and services specially designed to help healthcare organizations to serve more patients and save lives better in this global pandemic.

1. Healthcare without Boundaries & Improved

With Healthcare Technology Microsoft 365 is providing healthcare staff the option to meet and treat patients through Virtual visits. This is made possible by using Microsoft Teams and simply scheduling the meeting with the help of Microsoft Bookings.

Microsoft 365 enables examination, consultation, and treatment of the patient, irrespective of the physical barriers Viz. time and distance

2. Swift Coordination & Communication with Secure Messaging

A patient is handled by various staff in a healthcare organization and they need swift care coordination with each other. Office 365 for Hospitals brings digitization of communication and coordination across healthcare staff.

With Teams the communication, coordination, and collaboration become streamline and easy to use, and secure.

3. Digital Workspace for Easy Creation, Storage & Sharing of Data

The Healthcare Industry deals with various types of data, from patient information to diagnostic results, from ongoing treatment & medicines to bills and payment history.

Digital Workspace offered as one of the important Office 365 Features makes the whole process of creation of files, their storage, and appropriate sharing as easy as a click of a finger with tools and services like OneDrive, OneNote, and more.

4. Secure Workflow & Robust Medical Data Security

Security and Compliance are some of the most important factors for a Digital Workspace Workspace. With Microsoft 365 for Healthcare Organizations, healthcare organizations get the premium security industries leading enterprise with Microsoft Azure Security.

Microsoft 365 protects sensitive information with built-in security to guard data from attacks. It also uses intelligent tools to assess and manage healthcare compliance and security and streamline data governance.

5. Increased Functionality with Innovative Add-ons

Microsoft Healthcare Technology offers many other features apart from Microsoft 365 Features that a healthcare organization wants to incorporate for various reasons like Medical Research with AI, Customizable Workflows, and more.

Microsoft 365, offers options to increase functionalities with various premium Microsoft services as well as a whole catalogue of innovative add-on features.


With Microsoft 365 business for Healthcare industry Organizations, A Healthcare Organization can provide society with full-fledged digitized healthcare solutions. It enables the Healthcare Industry to improve Patient Care & increase Medical Data Security.

The digitization of the healthcare process, care coordination, and patient data help Healthcare Organizations to provide a better and enhanced Healthcare service. 

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SA Technologies is keen to help healthcare organizations to enhance their services and serve society better.