Top Standout Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Solution

Right from its introduction to the business world, Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX has always proved its worth and capabilities to business leaders across the globe.

Being an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Solution is packed with advanced features and functionalities.

Its advantages let you deliver value quickly, make the best of business opportunities, enhance user involvement and encourage innovation across the organization.

This outstanding ERP solution suits best for multi-site and international enterprises. It provides you the agility essential to expand businesses and stay competitive.

It has comprehensive capabilities for various organizational departments including human resource, operations, management, and a lot more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Solution has great coverage across various modules. Let us see what numbers have to say,

Modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Solution

Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX solution has the capability to cover around 96% of financial features and functions.

This is considered as remarkable since the competitors of software are said to offer around 90% of functions and features.

Human Resources Management

In Human Resources, Dynamics AX services cover about 84% of functions and features.

Whereas other solutions are said to offer only 70% of functionalities. This difference automatically gives the upper hand to Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation.


Dynamics AX provides around 95% of manufacturing functionalities. Other ERP solutions offer about 82% coverage in the manufacturing management module.

Inventory Management

With Dynamics AX you get 95% of inventory management functionalities. This slightly surpasses to its competitors that offer 82% coverage.

Purchasing Management

In this module, Dynamics AX offers around 99% functionalities. Other ERP packages cover 91% of the purchasing management attributes.

Quality Management

Dynamics AX services cover an impressive amount of 98% of functions for quality management.

Compared to this, other ERP solution packages offer 82% of the functionalities which is considerably less.

Sales Management

In Sales Management department, Dynamics AX offers exceptional coverage of 97%. Average support offered by other ERP packages is 90%.

Product Technology

You get 88% of product technologies characteristics, which is quite good coverage. Other ERP offers around 66% of functionalities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX gets frequently enriched with upgrades and new features. Today, we are unleashing some of its standout features. Keep reading,

Standout Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Solutions

Mobile Access

Latest upgrades of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX let you access itself on multiple tablets and smartphones.

You can access the data anytime from anywhere allowing you to make quick decisions while you are on a move.

Cloud-first Application

Recent Dynamics AX version is a cloud-first application compatible with Microsoft cloud OS, windows server and Azure cloud platform. Basically, launched on Azure we can move it to cloud initially with preferred cloud products like Office 365.

Basically, launched on Azure we can move it to cloud initially with preferred cloud products like Office 365.

Web-based Client

Dynamics AX’ new version has been shifted to a web-based client instead of a Windows desktop client. This enables you to access application data without installing any customized application. This has the capability to increase business collaboration and productivity.

Great User-Experience

Dynamics AX version with HTML 5 interface is lightweight, web-oriented and intuitive. It allows you to see urgent actions, to-do tasks, and many other work activities within the new interface. You can also share daily activities with other end users.

Impactive Lifecycle Services Management

Microsoft has extended life cycle services making it the game-changing platform. This version can help users with system guided procedures. We can say that the new version can offer us a better-quality lifecycle service.

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