What can you expect in a new RPO partnership?

We all know recruiting the right candidate at the right time with the required expertise is a complex process. The ever-evolving market needs are now growing unpredictably and hiring is no more a cakewalk.

If you have been in the business for quite some time, you would agree with us on this statement,

“If you hire an RPO partner for your talent acquisition needs, they bring along the added bonus like industry knowledge, experience, and other know-how. In addition, they also bring their experience of multiple years and expertise of working across various geographies”

This is a clear indication that opting for a RPO partnership can navigate the future of the organization.

It is often found that companies tend to consider their RPO provider as a vendor. But that is not the case at SA Technologies, we intentionally take the partnership mindset and build a more satisfying and flourishing relationship with our clients.

Our RPO services are the amalgamation of elite, practical and result-oriented approach.

Now addressing the elephant in the room, what can you expect in a new RPO partnership? To begin with, a new RPO partnership might feel a little overwhelming.

But we have listed out seven key areas that can take you seamlessly through the implementation and transition phase.
RPO Partner in 2021
  1. Set realistic expectations and timelines

New age RPO provider might offer top-tier talent acquisition services but is it not fair to set timelines and expectations that have no chances to be acquired. Yes, you may have your priorities and expect speedy results, but remember the long-lasting result comes with patience.

Now, typically an RPO program implementation may require 30-60 days, and the transition period may go for as long as 90 days.

Hence, we suggest you frame your goals and timelines with a realistic approach and stick to it for better deliverables.

  1. Offer historical data

Offering historical data can help an RPO provider to spot the metrics that offer the best insights on how your strategy is achieving the expected goals. There is a possibility that you might expect an RPO team to ask for this at the early stage. But believe us, if there is any historic data, share it with your RPO partner so they can take calculative and advanced steps for better outcomes.

  1. Discuss your fears and risks

No matter how experienced your RPO partner is, nobody has experienced the failures of your business like you. Hence, do not assume that your RPO partner knows it all. Be upfront with your fears, discuss your concerns and share the previous experiences if any. This will allow you to strategize a contingency plan and decide in advance the way situations will be handled.

In addition, it will help you to categorize risks and the stage of fallout that might occur. Point out the mistakes that can be considered common and also the ones that cannot be allowed.

  1. Build a reliable relationship

It is wrong to underestimate the power of building a trustworthy relationship in business. The easiest way to start building one is to arrange face-times and zoom meetings with your RPO team at least once a week. The more you know their personalities, the smoother will be the transition.

  1. Prioritize Transparency

The RPO provider is indeed your company’s extension. But it is important to be clear with them about what is happening in the company. Of course, related to the RPO process. Tell them the details as soon as possible so they can work around it.

Remember, experts know all about the best practices hence their quick decisions will help you have a positive experience.

  1. Communication is the key

We cannot stress this enough. Having seamless communication with your RPO provider will build a strong working partnershipThe communication must revolve around  

  • What the stakeholder’s experience has been
  • What they want to achieve with new engagement
  • What possible challenges might the team come across
  1. Have a mutual definition of success

Have a clear vision of what success means to your organization. In addition, ensure you convey this message to your RPO partner. For instance, if your goal ‘is to fill in x number of positions in y days’ then make sure your RPO partner knows about it.

You are the primary source of information to your RPO team, leave no stone unturned to convey your goals efficiently.

Before winding up, here is some hard data about the recruitment process outsourcing industry,
  • India is one of the countries with a greater scope of growth in the RPO industry
  • The RPO market is valued at 6.32 billion
  • The recruitment process outsourcing market is expected to grow at a high CARG of 18.5 % in the coming years

Well, the numbers show how exponentially the RPO industry is thriving.


RPO is a dynamic industry where change is essential and inevitableWhile it comes with great benefits, it is essential to hire the right RPO partner for your hiring needs.

SA Technologies come with years of experience and expertise. Powered by a team of highly knowledgeable industry experts, we ensure to help our clients to achieve their goals. If you are looking for an elite RPO partner, you can contact us. We will gladly assist you with your queries.