Which Microsoft Office 365 Plan Best Suits Your Business?

Web app suites or office suites have been an important asset for businesses. They are a set of various tools for productivity, like word processors, programs for spreadsheets & presentations, etc. With the advancement in technology, and the growing need of businesses, these suites also started to include tools for collaboration and communication.

Microsoft launched its Office suite as Microsoft Office in 1990 with MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Over the course of the last three decades, Microsoft Office evolved tremendously with newer versions, updated apps, and innovative services with Microsoft (Office) 365 as its current version.

What are Microsoft Office 365 Plans?

With the pandemic wreaking havoc in all aspects of human lives, businesses had to change their strategies of working to continue to serve and sustain. Web app suites like MS Office 365 came as a savior and helped the businesses to overcome the physical barrier in the pandemic and continue to strive.

Microsoft Office 365 is a line of subscription service of Web App Suite from Microsoft, as a set of all the Microsoft 365 Apps, Services & Tools included in Office 365 along with Windows 10 Enterprise.

There are various types of business in the market and each business is unique in its own way. In order to complement the unique needs of different businesses and provide them with a one-stop solution for productivity, collaboration & communication tools, Microsoft tailored various plans according to the varying needs and resources of different businesses. These are the Microsoft office 365 Plans. 

Microsoft 365 for business reimagines the whole work processes and service delivery of businesses with custom Business Email; easy-to-use Microsoft 365 Apps; providing work-from-home with Remote solutions; real-time collaboration with Microsoft Teams; advanced data security with Secure Cloud Storage. 

The curated plans of Microsoft Office 365 are cost-effective and follow the pay-as-you-go model, which allows businesses to choose and spend as per their requirement & convenience and provides flexibility to the business.

Microsoft office 365 Plans and their features:

Microsoft 365 for business offers a set of subscription-based plans curated by Microsoft for specific needs of businesses of different verticals of varying sizes and scales, as per their requirement. Microsoft Business Plans are divided into three editions based on the size, needs, and resources of different businesses. 

Microsoft Office 365 Plans

1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic:

The Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan is the starting level plan with basic features by Microsoft. 

It is priced at 125.00 user/month + GST and can be availed in the form of an annual commitment. 

It is tailored for businesses that are looking for easy remote solutions to power work from home. 

This plan offers only the web & mobile version of core Microsoft 365 Apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and not the PC version. 

With Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Users also get Business Email with custom domain & a calendar to schedule day-to-day work.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic also enables communication, and collaboration through chats, calls, meetings, intranet, and secure cloud storage through Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard:

The Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan is the interim level plan with all the basic features and some premium features and tools by Microsoft. 

It is priced at 660.00 user/month + GST and can be availed in the form of an annual commitment. 

It is tailored for businesses that are looking for full remote solutions with collaboration tools to power much more effective work from home. 

This plan offers web & mobile versions along with the license for the up-to-date PC version of Microsoft 365 Apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

In addition to these, the business standard plan also offers the up-to-date PC version of Outlook and Premium Office Applications: Publisher & Access

Microsoft 365 Business Standard also enhances communication, and collaboration with webinar hosting, attendee registration, and email confirmation. 

Business Standard Plan also has an added benefit called Microsoft Bookings; it makes scheduling & managing appointments easier for businesses’ customers.

3. Microsoft 365 Business Premium:

The Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan is the advanced level plan with all the features included in Basic & Standard with added features and tools by Microsoft. 

It is priced at 1440.00 user/month + GST and can be availed in the form of an annual commitment. 

It is tailored for businesses that are looking for full remote solutions, which are not only collaborative but also safe and secure from threats over the internet. 

This plan too offers up-to-date web, mobile, and PC versions of Microsoft 365 Apps, with Premium Office Applications like Publisher & Access.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium focuses on enhanced security and protection against cyberthreat, data loss, or data leaks with cutting-edge defenses of the industry’s leading enterprise with Azure. 

A Business Premium Subscriber also has the added benefit of device management, remote wipe, and security policies to protect business data with Intune.

4. Microsoft 365 Apps:

Along with these curated plans, Microsoft also offers an only apps plan. This service offers the services of Office applications.

It is priced at 595.00 user/month + GST and can be availed in the form of an annual commitment. 

It is tailored for businesses that are looking for access to Microsoft 365 Apps and cloud storage of OneDrive.

This plan doesn’t include custom business email, tools for collaboration and communication, and security services.

A huge set of benefits, new features, and innovative tools Microsoft Office 365 has attracted businesses of different industries and varying scales to migrate to the Microsoft Office 365 Plan.

With the help of a dedicated team of authorized Microsoft partners, businesses are able to smoothly migrate to an ever-enlarging family of Microsoft 365 for business and enjoy enhanced productivity and boosted efficiency.

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