Why Go with Microsoft SharePoint 2019 On-Premises in 2021?

Is SharePoint On-Premises 2019 still relevant in 2021? Why go with Microsoft SharePoint 2019 On-Premises? Over the years Microsoft has worked really hard to make SharePoint a successful product. And the of SharePoint 2019 On-Premises has continued till this day.

With every upgrade, SharePoint has evolved with better features and better service offerings.

Sharepoint 2019 version upgrades bring in a whole package of new attributes that reflects on the user experience it offers.

But we cannot deny the fact that the audience doesn’t like change when it comes to user experience.

With this in mind, SharePoint updates have been designed specifically ensuring they keep the original user experience the same while enhancing its efficiency.

So, it is safe to say that SharePoint Solutions with its 2021 upgrades are a complete delight for its users.

We bet you are thinking that what could the next upgrades possibly be in 2021?

Well, let us tell you that SharePoint and its services in 2021 are nothing but advanced and extravagant.

With so much in store in the new SharePoint version, the first thing that steals our attention is the presence of modern Site Creation interface permitting users to utilize Waffle for SharePoint application navigation and craft a site with the help of GUI.

This will result in a minimized load on admins. Let’s dive deep and see what Microsoft SharePoint services in 2021 have planned to offer us.

SharePoint 2019 offers Contemporary Team Sites

With modern Team sites, you receive updated lists, libraries, pages and news.

Besides it offers you high-speed, mobile ready, and customizable experience.

The reason we use contemporary for this attribute is despite being everything in place there are differentiating factors between the old code and new code.

Microsoft SharePoint 2019 has Modern Libraries

Key differentiators of this upgrade are updated and highly responsive User Interface, lining up with UI fabric of OneDrive, new sharing experience, and optimized for better structure and process.

Modern Libraries in Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Solutions depict data perfectly stored in lists and libraries.

This makes fetching of relevant information easier, encouraging the audience to choose Microsoft SharePoint Consulting services.

Microsoft SharePoint 2019 has Modern Pages

This offers you an opportunity to craft beautiful pages with utmost ease, gives rich authoring, and a lot of modern web parts.

Modern page was included in Microsoft SharePoint 2019 that make use of its existing zone and make the task of adding text a simple one.

It shrinks with One Drive Client

This attribute promises a speedy, trustworthy and elite experience. This plays a crucial role in linking sync OneDrive and SharePoint document libraries.

One drive sync client is now being recognized as ‘Next Generation Sync Client’. This is being briefly used across on-premises, cloud, One Drive, etc.


These upgrades prove that as always SharePoint 2019 came with a lot of exceptional opportunities that holds great potential in 2021 and for the future.

Your best chance to bring most of these features is by choosing a proven Microsoft SharePoint Consultant, who with its expertise can unleash the power of this amazing platform.